Department of Ecology Approves Shoreline Master Program

On February 22, 2016 the Department of Ecology approved the County's updated Shoreline Master Program. The effective date of the Shoreline Master Program is March 7, 2016. The Shoreline Master Program and related shoreline environmental designation maps can be downloaded below.

Board of County Commissioners Approves Shoreline Master Program

The Kittitas County Board of County Commissioners approved the County's updated Shoreline Master Program (SMP) on December 2, 2014. The SMP Resolution and related exhibits can be downloaded here. The Shoreline Designation Maps are contained in Exhibit B. As required by WAC 173-26-110, the updated SMP must be submitted to the Department of Ecology for review and approval before it becomes effective, a process which may result in revisions to the SMP. For more information regarding Ecology's review, please see WAC 173-26-120.

Kittitas County Shoreline Environment Designations - Revised Final Draft Maps (July 2014)

Shoreline Environment Designation - Draft Maps (October 2013)

Preliminary Shoreline Jurisdiction, January 2012

Determining Shoreline Jurisdiction on Rivers

Shoreline Inventory, Analysis & Characterization

Shoreline Environment Designations - Draft Maps (January 2013)