Top FAQs:

What do I do with my yard waste?
How/when/where can I get rid of special/moderate risk/hazardous waste?
Where may I take my garbage and recycling, and how much does it cost?
What is the population of the County, and what are other Census data?
Who are the Board of Commissioners and what do they do?
How do I apply for a building permit?
Do I need a building inspection?
Do I need a building permit?
What are my responsibilities regarding noxious weeds?
When and how do I pay my property tax?
How do I apply for a job with Kittitas County?
Applications are only accepted for announced job openings. If there is a job posted that you are interested in and qualified for, applications may be completed online. View Job Opportunities Page View Job Opportunities Page
Once I have applied for a position, how will I know if I am being considered?
All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and submit a complete application prior to 5 PM on the closing date will be considered. The process of screening and selecting qualified candidates can take a number of weeks. Following this process each candidate will be notified by phone, e-mail, or mail. If you have not heard any news within two weeks from the closing date, contact the Human Resource Office.
Where do I get information on current job openings?
All current jobs will be posted on our web site under the heading Job Opportunities, and posted just outside the Human Resource Office. You may also call the Human Resource Office and inquire about available positions. View current job opportunities
Can I get a Hepatitis C test at the public health department?
We test for Hepatitis C by appointment. For an appointment, please call 509 962-7515.
Can I get my HIV certification at the public health department?
One and two hour blood borne pathogens and HIV/AIDS awareness trainings are offered upon request.  Call 509-962-7515 to request a class.
Can I have my water tested?
Water test kits for Valley Environmental Laboratory are available at 507 N Nanum St in Ellensburg or from Evergreen Valley Utilities at 301 W 1st St in Cle Elum. This lab is state approved for water analysis. The most commonly requested tests are coliform bacteria and nitrates, but many other tests are available. Samples are picked up daily. Answer
Booking information
Booking information may be obtained through our posted inmate roster on the Sheriff's web site. http://www.co.kittitas.wa.us/sheriff/roster.asp
How do I Bail or Bond an inmate out of jail?

Call the Kittitas County Corrections Center at 509-962-7527 and ask for the charge and bail amount on the individual.

  • No Bail: means no bail.
  • Cash/Bond Bail: means you can go to GovPayNet https://www.govpaynow.com/gps/user/plc/4930 who accepts major credit, debit and prepaid debit cards or you can call 1-888-604-7888.  Cardholders will pay a service fee – seven percent of the bail total – at the time of the transaction.   You can also pay cash payments (Not credit/debit/prepaid debit cards) at the jail.  Unfortunately we cannot make change so please have the exact amount ready when posting an individual’s bail. 
  • Bond: There are many bail bond companies authorized to write a bond in Kittitas County.  There is a fee for writing the bond and it is not refundable.  The fee is between you and the bonding company.  Kittitas County Corrections Center does not provide referrals to any specific bonding company. 
How do I visit an inmate?

It is now up to visitors to schedule visits. You may schedule a visit through the monitors in our lobby, online at inmatesales.com, or by calling 1-877-998-5678. 

We will not limit the number of children coming in to see their family member. 


Please bring Photo ID to enter our facility. Visitors must be 18 years of age or older to visit an inmate. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied or visiting a parent or legal guardian. The visits are up to 25 minutes long.

Visitors that are rude, disrespectful or not dressed appropriately will be denied their visit and asked to leave the facility.

Everything that comes into this facility is subject to search. Please bring only your picture ID.

Here is the link to Inmate Out Times:


All visits will be held via video visitation. To visit an inmate from home you must set up an account. There is a fee to visit from home.