The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires Kittitas County adopt and periodically update regulations that protect five types of critical areas:

  • Fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas
  • Wetlands
  • Critical aquifer recharge areas
  • Frequently flooded areas
  • Geologically hazardous areas

The Kittitas County Critical Areas Ordinance Title 17A KCC was last updated in 1994. An update to the Kittitas County Critical Areas Ordinance, which includes updates to the Comprehensive Plan policies and County regulations, is necessary to comply with state law. Kittitas County is currently working on this update. Please see the Meetings & Materials page for more information.

Kittitas County has prepared an initial draft of the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) update, as well as a presentation on the proposed updates.

Critical Areas Ordinance Draft - Clean

Critical Areas Ordinance Draft - Tracked Changes