Offices and Departments

The Kittitas County Airport (Bowers Field) is a public use general aviation airport owned by Kittitas County.
The Auditor’s Office oversees county elections, vehicle/vessel licensing, recording services, and our finance department. The County Auditor is Bryan Elliott.
Board of County Commissioners
The Board of County Commissioners is the county's elected legislative authority.
The County Clerk is the administrative and financial officer of the Superior Court and is an acceptance agent for U. S. passports. The clerk is Karen Bowen.
Community Development Services
Community Development Services provides assistance to the public regarding land use and development activities in unincorporated Kittitas County.
The coroner investigates all deaths that are considered unattended by a doctor, deaths by accident, suspicious deaths, and crimes that resulted in a death.
The District and Superior Court systems serve the County in a manner that ensures safety of our citizens.
The Extension office helps people develop leadership skills and use research-based knowledge to improve their economic status and quality of life.
The Kittitas County Fair is Washington's classic county fair and is held over Labor Day weekend at the Kittitas Valley Event Center.
Human Resources
The Human Resources Department handles issues related to employment with Kittitas County.
Information Technology
Information Technology manages the county network, web sites, computer systems, and software.
Juvenile Court Services
Juvenile Court Services serves the Superior Court in a manner that ensures safety of our citizens.
Kittitas Valley Event Center
The Event Center is here to serve the Central Washington area with a premier facility that provides the perfect solution for meetings, family gatherings, equestrian and agricultural events, trade shows, and other special celebrations.
Misdemeanant Probation
The Misdemeanant Department provides courts with probation services that promote public safety.
Kittitas County Maintenance maintains the physical structures of the county and supports staff with all facility based issues.
Noxious Weed Control Board
The Noxious Weed Control Board protects Kittitas County's natural resources from the degrading impact of exotic, invasive noxious weeds.
Property Assessor
The County Assessor determines the value of all real and personal property in Kittitas County. The County Assessor is Mike Hougardy.
The Prosecutor’s Office has major responsibilities as a legal adviser, a prosecutor of criminal matters and as legal counsel for the county in civil cases.
Public Defense
The Kittitas County Department of Public Defense provides effective legal representation to people who are facing loss of liberty under criminal laws and are unable to afford an attorney.
Public Health
The Kittitas County Public Health Department provides community health, environmental health, and assessment services including but not limited to, immunizations, food safety, drinking water, on-site septic, communicable diseases, and birth/death certificates.
Public Works
The Kittitas County Public Works department is responsible for the engineering, construction, maintenance, and administration of the Kittitas County road system as defined in RCW 36.75 - 36.88
The Sheriff's Office is responsible for the safety of the citizens of Kittitas County.
Solid Waste
The Solid Waste Department is legislated to function as the clearing house for all solid issues within the County, including but not limited to, liquid waste, hazardous waste, moderate risk waste, recycling, waste reduction, putrescible and garbage wastes.
The County Treasurer handles the collection and disbursement of county taxes as well as investment county funds. The County Treasurer is Amy Cziske.