To be eligible for Electronic Mitigation or Contested hearing, you must have already received a hearing date from the court. Please do not proceed unless you have a valid hearing date.

Mitigation Hearing Defined

You admit to committing the violation(s), but would like to explain the circumstances and be considered for a reduction in the penalty amount. If "Traffic" is marked on your infraction, the charge will be reported to Department of Licensing. Parking tickets are civil infractions and do not appear on your driving record.

Contested Hearing Defined

You are contesting or challenging the charge(s) and are asking the state or city to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the charge(s) was committed. If the charge(s) is found committed and "Traffic" is marked on the infraction, the charge will be reported to Department of Licensing.


Any violations requiring submission of documents, such as proof of insurance, proof of disabled permit, proof of registration (tabs) may not be addressed via the electronic mitigation/contested process. Additionally, the court will not accept requests for Deferred Findings through this form. To request a Deferred Finding, please contact the court at 509-962-7511 or submit your request in writing.

You must complete a separate Electronic Form for each ticket number issued to you and you MUST have a valid hearing date before using this form. Do NOT use this form for any purpose other than to submit an electronic hearing by written statement.

The court will NOT respond to any other inquiries made via this form.

By checking this box, I agree to the above noted terms and conditions.