Department of Ecology Approves Shoreline Master Program

On February 22, 2016 the Department of Ecology approved the County's updated Shoreline Master Program. The effective date of the Shoreline Master Program is March 7, 2016. The Shoreline Master Program and related shoreline environmental designation maps can be downloaded below.

Board of County Commissioners Approves Shoreline Master Program

The Kittitas County Board of County Commissioners approved the County's updated Shoreline Master Program (SMP) on December 2, 2014. The SMP Resolution and related exhibits can be downloaded here. As required by WAC 173-26-110, the updated SMP must be submitted to the Department of Ecology for review and approval before it becomes effective, a process which may result in revisions to the SMP. For more information regarding Ecology's review, please see WAC 173-26-120.

Kittitas County July 2014 Revised Final Draft SMP - Planning Commission Hearing Version

January 2014 Final Draft SMPs

As part of the regional Shoreline Master Program (SMP) update effort underway in Kittitas County, City of Ellensburg, City of Cle Elum, and Town of South Cle Elum, each jurisdiction has drafted an updated Shoreline Master Program tailored to local shorelines and preferences. The Final Draft SMPs are now available for public review and comment. The 60-day review and comment period ends March 31, 2014.

Kittitas County

City of Ellensburg

City of Cle Elum

Town of South Cle Elum

October 2013 Revised Draft SMP

Revised draft shoreline master programs were prepared for all four jurisdictions and are currently under review by the Technical Advisory Committee and Citizen Advisory Committee. The Revised Draft SMPs can be viewed on the meeting materials page under the December 4, 2013 heading of either the Technical Advisory Committee or Citizen Advisory Committee. Feedback from the committees will be considered for inclusion in the January 2014 Final Draft SMP.

January 2013 Initial Draft SMP

An initial draft shoreline master program, based on staff recommendations and comments from the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), was released in January of 2013. Written comments were collected and considered for inclusion in the October 2013 Revised Draft SMPs.