Required Inspections

Form Inspections

When forms and rebar are in place and prior to pouring concrete. Property setbacks will also be checked at this time. Make certain property lines are clearly marked and that your location corresponds with approved site plan.

Hole Inspections

Pole buildings will need to have the holes inspected before the poles have been backfilled. Setbacks will be checked at this time. Make certain property lines are clearly marked and that your location corresponds with approved site plan.

Under Floor Inspection

This inspection is only needed when it is called out on your plan review. This inspection is made when all floor framing is complete including hold-down devices but before the sub-floor is installed.

Exterior Shear Wall Nailing Inspection

To be made after all shear walls are constructed and most of the other framing is complete including the roof framing and sheathed. Do not install building wrap or siding prior to this inspection.

Plumbing Inspection

When rough in of waste and vent system, building supply system and nail protection plates are completed. Pressure or water tests should be on both systems at time of inspection.

Mechanical Inspection

When HVAC system, appliance vents and environmental vents are installed and all gas piping is completed and tested.

Framing Inspection

To be made after the roof deck or sheathing, all framing, fire blocking and bracing (including all hold-downs and proper nailing) are in place and all pipes, chimneys and vents to be concealed are complete and after the plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough inspections are approved.

Insulation Inspection

Inspection of the plumbing systems, mechanical systems, electrical (by L&I) and framing must be completed and approved prior to insulating. Insulation R-values and glazing U-values must be installed in accordance with approved plans.

Other Inspections

In addition to the inspections specified above, the building official is authorized to make or require other inspections of any construction work to ascertain compliance with the provisions of Kittitas County Code.

Final Inspection

A final inspection shall be made after all work required by the building permit is completed and prior to occupancy. All access and storm water issued must be approved through Kittitas County Public Works. All environmental issued (i.e. septic system) must be approved through the Kittitas County Environmental Health department.

To schedule an inspection

Inspections may be requested by calling the CDS Inspection Request Line at (509) 962-7694 or by email at Please supply the following information to complete an inspection request:

  • Requested inspection date
  • Permit number
  • Property owner name
  • Physical site address
  • Directions to the inspection site
  • Type of structure inspected
  • Type of inspection(s) requested
  • Contact name, phone number, and email
  • Tax parcel number
  • Gate code or other instructions to enter the property

Inspections are conducted Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Inspection requests received by 3 pm on business days will be performed the following business day unless a later date is requested. Inspection requests received after 3 pm on business days will be performed two business days from the date the request was received unless a later date is requested. Inspectors cannot add or reschedule inspections in the field.

It is appreciated that cancellations be made prior to the day of the inspection. Inspection schedules are set at 4 pm each day.

An inspection schedule may be viewed on the CDS web page at: