Kittitas County Airport - Bowers Field

Kittitas County Airport Bowers Field is a public use general aviation airport owned by Kittitas County, located 2 miles north of the City of Ellensburg and 3 miles from the nearest I-90 exit.

Built as a response to the nation's involvement in World War II, Bowers Field, was created using federal taxes designated for the war effort. After the war, the airport and the surrounding 1,100 acres were deeded to Kittitas County in 1948 with the understanding that the airport would continue in operation as a public airport and that revenue from the surrounding property would be used to support it. The airport has existed in several ownerships first being private/local citizens, US Government, City of Ellensburg, Port District and finally Kittitas County who is the current owner.

Bowers Field has two fixed base operators (FBO) for the airport providing aircraft maintenance, instruction, and support services. The airport serves single-engine, twin-engine and turboprop aircraft. There is no scheduled flight service.

80 acres of airport property has been zoned for an industrial park or commercial development. The airport currently has 12 county-owned t-hangar rentals, a fueling facility, 20,000 sq. ft main hangar, 10 private t-hangars and ground leases.



Bowers Field - Kittitas County
411 North Ruby Street, Suite #1
Ellensburg, WA 98926