Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

COMPAS is directed at property information by providing the user intuitive tools to find a property, identify its owner, access Kittitas County Assessor information, district information, and critical areas such as wetlands, flood zones and snow loads.

The new Open Data Portal combines the Maps Portal and Open Data page into a single hub of GIS information. All content types (Apps, Datasets, Tables, ect.) can be found from a single keyword search, or you can pick from the data categories. You will still be able to download data in the same formats (KML, Shapefile, CSV). Parcel table downloads, access to COMPAS, and popular apps are also available.

GIS Awards

The nomination

The Esri Northwest Regional office in Olympia, WA nominated Kittitas County to the Esri Corporate office in Redlands, CA. Out of 100,000 Esri clients world-wide, Kittitas County was one of the 175 who received a SAG award in 2015.

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Why we were chosen

  • Centralized GIS
  • Disaster response and assistance using GIS
  • Data transparency
  • Data Management

Disaster Response

The county purchased an ArcGIS Online subscription in 2012 to publish a maps portal on our public website. When the Taylor Bridge fire occurred, we were one of the first organizations to use ArcGIS Online for emergency response. As evacuation zones, road blocks, and the active fire perimeter were being updated in the EOC, real-time map updates could be published through feature services.

Local, federal and state agencies were able to consume these feature services into their own applications, and the public could receive instant updates through our web mapping application. This has become a vital piece in supporting Kittitas County wildfire emergency response. For fire mop-up, we developed a mobile application using the Esri ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET to run on a Windows tablet. It is designed for offline data collection in the field to report damaged structure losses. Field collected data is then synchronized with our central server when the tablet is brought back to the office.

Data Transparency

Our GIS page features downloadable GIS data through Esri’s Open Data template, a maps portal using a modified version of the Esri local government template for sharing static and dynamic maps, and a new web mapping application built from a modified Esri local government information model tax parcel viewer template. These 3 applications have made Kittitas County more transparent and accessible to the public and all 3 applications will run on all mobile device platforms.

The objective

The mission of Kittitas County Noxious Weed Control Board is to protect and preserve the agricultural lands and natural resources of the county from degrading effects of exotic and invasive noxious weeds. To accomplish this goal a comprehensive prevention and early intervention program was designed. The program promotes strong communication between parcel landowners and directors of the Noxious Weed Control Board. This fosters a cooperative and coordinated effort in the management of noxious weeds by enhancing public awareness through educational efforts.

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About the conference and the contest

The 2017 Esri International User Conference was held July 10 - 14, at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California. Over 17,900 people attended from 136 countries.

The 2017 User Software Application Contest was open to all Esri users world-wide but just 8 were selected by Esri technical staff based on scope, creativity, and effectiveness. Those selected were on display in the main exhibition hall during the conference. Conference attendees could demo the application and vote for their favorite application using QR codes.

About EPIC

During the growing season, inspectors are hired to perform field inspections, revisiting known sites and cataloging new ones. In the original system, each inspector had their own Excel spreadsheet that they would use to enter all inspection information from handwritten notes taken in the field. Points were collected using Esri’s ArcPad and imported into ArcMap. Research for previous weed infestations on parcels was tedious having to search one massive Excel spreadsheet. At the end of each growing season, the director and assistant director went through each separate Excel spreadsheet and combined them into the master, along with all the point features collected into a single feature class.

Exotic Plant Information Collector (EPIC) is a Windows WPF application built with Esri’s ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET that can be taken into the field to collect geo-located weed infestation data. This application helped replace the older system and has saved hours in collection and processing time. The department director uses EPIC to flag the existing weed logs that are collected as either “concerns” or “work orders”. When inspectors come in each morning, they sort the weed log and check to see what to work on for that day. Before leaving the office, the inspector downloads all features and data tables to a local geodatabase to be able to use EPIC in an “offline” mode while in the field.

Read more about EPIC on the Esri Developers Success Stories page, which showcases applications built using Esri technology as best practice solutions.

GIS Strategic Plan

Kittitas County's comprehensive, long-range view of geographic information management.

To report issues with the COMPAS and Open Data, the County's mapping applications, please email GIS Services