Fireworks permits

Kittitas County recognizes the inordinately high risk to public health and safety due to fire hazards resulting from the discharge of fireworks. It is necessary to protect public health and safety by limiting the days upon which the sale and discharge of fireworks can occur.

Washington state law RCW 70.77.395 allows for the discharge of fireworks on specific days with specific times. Counties are then allowed to adopt laws that are more restrictive. Kittitas County decided in 1999 to have more stringent laws and only allow the discharge of fireworks as stated in Fireworks Discharge below.

Special Event permits are required for large fireworks displays, requiring a licensed pyrotechnic, and having gone through the state licensing process prior to applying for a local fireworks permit as stated in RCW 70.77. Please call the Kittitas County Fire Marshal’s office at 509-962-7000 for more information, or the Permit Center at 509-962-7506 for a Special Event Permit.

Fireworks Discharge

Ignition or discharge of fireworks within unincorporated Kittitas County is only legal each year during the following periods:

July 4th, 9 am - July 4th, 11:59 pm
December 31st, 9 am - January 1st, 1 am

KCC 9.30.030 Prohibition against discharge.

Fireworks Stand Permits

A fireworks permit is required to operate a fireworks stand. A complete permit application must be received on or before June 15 each calendar year.

The sale of Class C fireworks within unincorporated Kittitas County is only legal each year during the following periods:

July 1st, 9 am - July 4th, 11 pm
December 31st, 9 am - 11 pm

KCC 9.30.040 Sale limits.

Class C Fireworks

Class C fireworks may be discharged within the unincorporated areas of Kittitas County without a permit. The following are common Class "C" fireworks.

  • Firecrackers
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Whistling Bottle Rockets
  • Fountains
  • Ground and Aerial Spinners
  • Spinning Wheels
  • Sparklers
  • Snakes
  • Crackling Balls
  • Smoke Bombs

KCC 9.30.050 Type of fireworks allowed without permit.

Please note that Common Class "C" Fireworks contain less than 1.4G of explosive, and it is up to you, the purchaser to ensure that the fireworks you buy comply with State Law and County Code. The amount of explosive is indicated on the exterior of the firework.

Other Kittitas County Fireworks Codes to be aware of: