Office of the Coroner

The Kittitas County Coroner’s Office aims to protect the interests of the community. This is achieved in our death investigations by determining the cause, manner, and mechanism of sudden or unexplained deaths, and by identifying deceased persons. Our office notifies next of kin, while ensuring the deceased and their property are treated with care, respect, and dignity.

We accomplish our mission with medicolegal-trained investigators, forensically certified pathologists, and through other scientific methods. We search for the truth by providing an independent investigation with respect to concerns of the family and in accordance with the law. We understand our findings may also impact law enforcement, criminal justice, and public health systems.

The coroner has the responsibility to investigate all deaths that are considered unattended, this means when a person in apparent good health dies and has not been under a doctor's care within the previous 36 hours; or where the circumstances of death indicate death was caused by unnatural or unlawful means; or where death occurs under suspicious circumstances; or where a coroner's autopsy or postmortem or coroner's inquest is to be held; or where death results from unknown or obscure causes, or where death occurs within one year following an accident; or where the death is caused by any violence whatsoever, or where death results from a known or suspected abortion; whether self-induced or otherwise; where death apparently results from drowning, hanging, burns, electrocution, gunshot wounds, stabs or cuts, lightning, starvation, radiation, exposure, alcoholism, narcotics or other addictions, tetanus, strangulations, suffocation or smothering; or where death is due to premature birth or still birth; or where death is due to a violent contagious disease or suspected contagious disease which may be a public health hazard; or where death results from alleged rape, carnal knowledge or sodomy, where death occurs in a jail or prison; where a body is found dead or is not claimed by relatives or friends, is hereby vested in the county coroner, which bodies may be removed and placed in the morgue under such rules as are adopted by the coroner with the approval of the county commissioners, having jurisdiction, providing therein how the bodies shall be brought to and cared for at the morgue and held for the proper identification where necessary.


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