Office of the Coroner

The Kittitas County Coroner’s Office aims to protect the interests of the community. This is achieved in our death investigations by determining the cause, manner, and mechanism of sudden or unexplained deaths, and by identifying deceased persons. Our office notifies next of kin, while ensuring the deceased and their property are treated with care, respect, and dignity.

We accomplish our mission with medicolegal-trained investigators, forensically certified pathologists, and through other scientific methods. We search for the truth by providing an independent investigation with respect to concerns of the family and in accordance with the law. We understand our findings may also impact law enforcement, criminal justice, and public health systems.

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507 North Nanum Street, Suite 113
Ellensburg, WA 98926

509-933-8200 Phone
509-933-8224 Fax
509 856-4970 Cell

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