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All calendars are subject to change without notice. Late additions to the calendars may not be published to this web site. Inspections are not necessarily listed in the order in which they will be performed.

Inspection Hours

  • June - August: 7am to 4pm
  • September - May: 8am to 5pm (If our vehicles cannot safely make it to your project due to snow and ice in higher elevations, we will not perform the inspection. Please have all access roads and driveways plowed clear so we can get to the job site. We apologize but we cannot ride in your vehicles, all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles.)


Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-20-00138 FEIGHNER, DAN & TERESA 381 ALLEGRO WAY, ELLENSBURG 98926 Mono pour 17-17-12058-0004
BP-20-00112 STEVIE, RYAN WESLEY & KAYLEE ANNE 760 GALAXY DR, ELLENSBURG 98926 Mono pour 18-17-36065-0003
BP-20-00193 WILLOWBROOK FARMS 1361 HUNTER RD Post holes 18-17-23020-0001
BP-19-00280 WILNER, DAVE & KRIS 2813 LAMBERT RD CLE ELUM Mechanical 20-16-34063-0001
BP-19-00429 WOODS FAMILY TRUST 350 BAR 14 RD ELLENSBURG Insulation 18-19-08020-0002
BP-20-00020 OSTLER, JONATHAN F & KIANN K 20 NASHVILLE RD Insulation 17-19-02000-0029

Inspector: 2
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-20-00059 TUMBLE CREEK GOLF LLC 501 HONOLULU DR CLE ELUM Slab 20-14-24050-0003
BP-19-00409 GRAY, KAREN R & BRADLEY S 301 FORTUNE CREEK LN CLE ELUM Gas piping 20-14-14050-0927
BP-19-00095 SCHOENER, BRIAN & KARA 140 LEGACY TRAIL, CLE ELUM 98922 Final 20-15-20060-0012
FO-20-00008 TALISMAN TOWNHOMES LLC 130 WILDFLOWER LP, CLE ELUM 98922 Slab 20-15-19063-0006
FO-20-00006 TALISMAN TOWNHOMES LLC 180 WILDFLOWER LP, CLE ELUM 98922 Slab 20-15-19063-0001
BP-19-00694 DK PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANTS INC 161 ROCKBERRY LP, RONALD 98940 Mechanical and plumbing 20-14-12075-0009
BP-20-00073 SAUTER, PATRICK & SHANNON 1320 BRECKENRIDGE DR RONALD Footings 21-14-34010-0027
BP-19-00898 ENGLISH, DAN & BRENNA 411 BEARGRASS RD RONALD Floor framing 21-14-09000-0014

Inspector: 3
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-19-00815 YEVTUSHENKO, VIKTOR & LYUBOV 701 HYAK DR EAST, SNOQUALMIE PASS 98068 Foundation walls 22-11-15052-0026
BP-18-00702 FOERSTER, MARY 101 TAMARACK LN SNOQUALMIE PASS Multiple (see notes) 22-11-09054-0057
BP-19-00751 SHARDELMAN, AARON J & JEANNIE R 281 RICHARDS RD, CLE ELUM 98922 Shearwalls 20-14-28055-0002
BP-19-00720 KLEIN, TERRY J 6721 WESTSIDE RD, CLE ELUM 98922 Foundation walls 19-15-06000-0013


Inspector: Unassigned
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-19-00837 FINNEGAN, DAN & DEBBIE 160 LEGACY TRAIL, CLE ELUM Insulation 20-15-20060-0011

Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
FI-20-00008 WHEEL LINE CIDER 15730 UPPER BADGER POCKET RD ELLENSBURG Fire Marshal Other 16-20-22000-0002
BP-20-00040 DRAPER, GLENN S & 120 SANCTUARY CT CLE ELUM Fire Sprinkler: Tenting 20-15-19050-0054


Inspector: Unassigned
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-19-00686 JUSTICE, WADE 51 JUMBO MINE LN CLE ELUM Footings 20-14-24051-0717