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All calendars are subject to change without notice. Late additions to the calendars may not be published to this web site. Inspections are not necessarily listed in the order in which they will be performed.

Inspection Hours

  • June - August: 7am to 4pm
  • September - May: 8am to 5pm (If our vehicles cannot safely make it to your project due to snow and ice in higher elevations, we will not perform the inspection. Please have all access roads and driveways plowed clear so we can get to the job site. We apologize but we cannot ride in your vehicles, all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles.)


Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-19-00181 WILLARD, MATT & TRISTEN 291 SAGE HILLS DR ELLENSBURG Final 17-20-12000-0015
BP-19-00459 POLAR STAR PROPERTIES LLC 300 BARE RD ELLENSBURG Final 17-20-28051-0001
BP-20-00082 SCOTT, JOHN M ETUX 740 SKYVIEW DR ELLENSBURG Multiple (see notes) 17-19-34000-0042
BP-20-00626 JOHNSON, ROBERT & JULIE 2236 WOODHOUSE LP, ELLENSBURG 98926 Framing 17-19-19000-0015
BP-20-00653 LOGAN, MARY K ETVIR 274 GINNY LN ELLENSBURG Multiple (see notes) 17-18-04010-0018
BP-20-273 NELSON, KRISTEN D & DARREN A 441 RIDGE RD ELLENSBURG Framing 18-17-35051-0002
BP-20-00424 KRAUSE, RENEE M 560 GRACIE LN, ELLENSBURG 98926 Floor framing 18-18-20051-0002
BP-20-00590 NOWAK, CALEB A 8619 REECER CREEK RD, ELLENSBURG 98926 Mechanical and plumbing 18-18-03051-0001
BP-20-00446 SCHANTZ, CHARLES & LINDA 420 MEADOWBROOK LN ELLENSBURG Insulation 18-19-30060-0017

Inspector: 2
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
bp-20-00680 ENW HOMES LLC 351 LEGACY TRAIL, CLE ELUM 98922 Plumbing 20-15-20060-0026
BP-20-00293 BUNKATRON LLC 260 SWEET SHOP LN CLE ELUM Exterior shear 20-15-19051-0077
BP-20-00603 CRAIG REIMER CUSTOM HOMES LLC 61 COLUMBINE CT CLE ELUM Rough-in mechanical 20-15-29050-0207
BP-20-00605 THOMAS WOOD 471 SANDELIN LANE RONALD WA 98940 Insulation 21-14-34050-0014
BP-18-00597 ANNIS, MICHAEL & JENNIFER 71 MORGAN CREEK RD RONALD Final 21-14-09064-0002
BP-20-00818 WILLETTE, KEVIN G & BRIANN M 2970 AIRPORT RD CLE ELUM Shearwalls 20-16-32000-0015
BP-20-00683 GLASCO, SCOTT & JANINE 101 CRAZY HORSE LN, CLE ELUM 98922 Framing 20-16-29051-0004

Inspector: 3
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-20-00379 SNOQUALMIE PASS 340 SNOQUALMIE DRIVE Insulation 22-11-15051-0005
BP-20-00054 BIELASKI, LYNNE M & BRIAN R 330 BOOK LN, CLE ELUM 98922 Final 20-14-27069-0001
BP-20-00628 NUTT, KEN & KRISTIN 1101 STONE RIDGE DR CLE ELUM Shearwalls 19-14-01060-0001
BP-20-00924 MARTIN, TIMOTHY DONALD 1360 WESTSIDE RD CLE ELUM Multiple (see notes) 19-15-04010-0003
BP-20-00060 HARDING, MARK DAVID & LORI JO 750 PINE RIDGE LN, CLE ELUM 98922 Mechanical 20-15-34067-0001
BP-20-00922 RODMAN, CARYN ANN 3401 LOWER PEOH PT RD CLE ELUM Multiple (see notes) 20-15-36040-0006


Inspector: Unassigned
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-20-00354 MACE, JOHN PSYD PS 600 SUN RIDGE DR CLE ELUM Floor framing 20-15-25070-0002


Inspector: Unassigned
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
FT-20-00095 CAROLYN KNICK 531 SCOTT DR., CLE ELUM, WA. 98922 Final 20-14-28061-0002


Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
FI-19-00003 Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park 630 Ginkgo Ave Vantage FLS 17-23-19010-0002