Life Safety Inspections

Fire and life safety inspections are one of the most important activities that a business can promote and are the backbone of fire prevention in Kittitas County. Studies show that fires in 2006 caused $11.9 billion in direct property damage, which was 88% of economic fire loss. The other 12% was indirect loss, such as business interruption, which adds up to $1.6 billion dollars lost in business interruption due to fires.

Facilities requiring an annual inspection include public assemblies, businesses, schools, day-care facilities, residential care facilities, multi-unit residential buildings, nursing homes and any other business or public building within unincorporated Kittitas County.

If you are a business located in Kittitas County, please contact the Fire Marshal at 509-962-7000 to schedule an inspection.

Please review our pre-inspection checklist of most common fire code violations found during inspections.

Permit Fee Schedule

Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Inspection1
Occupancy Size: 0 to 500 square feet$57.50
Occupancy Size: 501 to 1,000 square feet$92.00
Occupancy Size: 1,001 to 2,500 square feet$143.75
Occupancy Size: 2,501 to 5,000 square feet$166.75
Occupancy Size: 5,001 to 7,500 square feet$218.50
Occupancy Size: 7,501 to 10,000 square feet$281.75
Occupancy Size: 10,001 to 15,000 square feet$391.00
Occupancy Size: 15,001 to 20,000 square feet$535.00
Occupancy Size: 20,001+ square feet$640.00
Exterior Site Inspection2
Occupancy Size: 0 to 5,000 square feet$97.75
Occupancy Size: 5,001 to 10,000 square feet$109.25
Occupancy Size: 10,001 to 15,000 square feet$143.75
Occupancy Size: 15,001 to 20,000 square feet$201.25
Occupancy Size: 20,001+ square feet$235.75
Public Schools (all sizes)$100.00

Inspection fees will be reduced by 25% for each structure in which no code violations are noted.

1 The FLS inspection fee will be adjusted for multiple structures that are located on the same parcel of land, owned by the same entity, are addressed with the same address identifier, and are part of a common purpose. The fee for multiple structures includes the FLS inspection fee for the largest structure and either $100 or the FLS inspection fee (whichever is less) for each subsequent structure. This fee adjustment for multiple structures does not apply to structures that contain more than one business owned by separate entities such as a strip mall, or multiple structures on a single parcel that have different addresses.

2 This fee applies to agricultural buildings, cold storage buildings, and controlled atmosphere buildings. It also applies to sites such as RV Parks campgrounds, mobile home parks, and switching stations if there are public facilities available to tenants, employees or the general public such as community halls, offices, bathrooms, and laundry facilities.

Fire Life Safety Inspection Reports


Fire District # 1

There are no inspection reports at this time

Fire District # 2

Fire District # 3

There are no inspection reports at this time

Fire District # 4

There are no inspection reports at this time

Fire District # 51

There are no inspection reports at this time

Fire District # 6

There are no inspection reports at this time

Fire District # 7

There are no inspection reports at this time

Fire District # 8

There are no inspection reports at this time

Fire District # 99

There are no inspection reports at this time


001-005-0001 Green Jacket Inc.
001-005-0002 Green Jacket Inc.
001-013-0001-Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall-11-12-2015
001-014-0001-Thorp Fuel-AMPM Store-11-12-2015
002-003-00001 Elmview
002-012-0001 Canyon River Lodge
002-016-0001-Lazy F Ranch-11-17-2015
002-019-0001 Central Nursery retail Bldg
002-022-0001 WDFW
002-024-0001 WSP Office
002-026-0001 The Grove (All BLDG's included)
002-029-0001 Harvestco
002-040-0001 Damman School (house)
002-051-0001 Bouncing Ball Daycare
002-057-0001 DNR-main office
002-057-0002 DNR-gas house
002-057-0003 DNR-long shed
002-057-0004 DNR- east annex
002-057-0005 DNR-mech shop
002-071-0001 Anderson Hay Main Office
002-071-0002 Anderson Hay North Office
002-071-0003 Anderson Hay OPS Building
002-071-0004 Anderson Hay Press Barn #7
002-071-0005 Anderson Hay Press Barn #8
002-071-0006 Anderson Hay Barn #9
002-071-0007 Anderson Hay Barn #11
002-085-0001 Cornerstone Preschool
002-096-0001 American Container
002-096-0002 American Container
002-109-00002 Central Nursery Shop
007-001-0001 Ranch on Swauk Creek
007-012-0001 Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW
019-004-0001 Wildhorse Windfarm
019-004-002 Wildhorse Windfarm-visitor center
019-004-0003 Wildhorse Windfarm-containers
019-004-0004 Wildhorse Windfarm-pump house
051-001-0001-Summit Inn- 11-16-2015
051-001-0002-Summit Inn-Boiler Bldg 11-16-2015
051-001-0003-Summit Pancake House 11-16-2015
051-002-0001-Red Mt Coffee-11-16-2015
051-003-0001-Lee's Summit Grocery-11-16-2015
051-005-0001-Bob's Chevron-11-16-2015
220-071-0008 Anderson Hay-Fumigation Barn #10
Edelweiss Condos- 11-16-2015
Golden Harvest Restaurant-conference center 11-18-2015
Old McDonlads Farm LLC (I-502)
Spirit of Vantage- OUT OF BUSINESS 11-18-2015
Vantage Main Street Station-11-18-2015
Vantage Riverstone Resort-11-18-2015


001-005-0001 geen Jacket Inc- Pro Shop
001-005-0002 Green Jacket Inc- Club House
002-012-0001 Easton Country Store
002-021-0001-WA Fish and Wildlife 2-3-14
002-022-0002-Ellensburg Racquet and Recreation 2-4-14
002-023-0001-Orrion Farms- main bldg 2-11-14
002-023-0002-Orrion Farms- maintenance-2-11-14
002-024-0001-WSP 2-3-14
002-026-0001-The Grove clubhouse 1-27-14
002-026-0002-The Grove-Building 1- 1-27-14
002-026-0003-The Grove-Building 2- 1-27-14
002-026-0004-The Grove-Building 4- 1-27-14
002-026-0005-The Grove-Building 5- 1-27-14
002-026-0006-The Grove-Building 6- 1-27-14
002-026-0007-The Grove-Building 7- 1-27-14
002-026-0008-The Grove-Building 8- 1-27-14
002-026-0009-The Grove-Building 9- 1-27-14
002-026-0010-The Grove-Building 10- 1-27-14
002-026-0011-The Grove-Building 11- 1-27-14
002-028-0001-Little Country Preschool 2-3-14
002-029-0001-Harvestco Fabricators 2-6-14
002-040-0001-Damman School- main building 2-3-14
002-040-0002-Damman School- computer bldg 2-3-14
002-043-0001-M2 Industrial 2-3-14
002-044-0001-Precision AG Repair 2-4-14
002-050-0001 Better life for dogs 4-7-14
002-051-0001 Bouncing Ball Daycare 4-3-14
002-053-0001 Western metals 4-3-14
002-054-0001 Brothers N Arms 4-3-14
002-055-0001 Messy Mutts 4-3-14
002-056-0001 North Coast Electric 4-3-14
002-057-0001 DNR Main Office
002-057-0002 DNR East Annex 4-7-2014
002-057-0003 DNR Mech. Shop 4-7-14
002-057-0004 DNR Long shed 4-7-14
002-057-0005 DNR Gas house 4-7-14
002-060-0001 Fastenal 3-4-14
002-065-0001 CWU Flight School 4-3-14
002-067-0001 Zirkle Fruit Company 4-4-14
002-071-0001 Anderson Hay (main office)
002-071-0002 Anderson Hay ( north office)
002-071-0003 Anderson Hay (ops bldg)
002-071-0004 Anderson hay ( press #7)
002-071-0005 Anderson Hay (press #8)
002-071-0006 Andeson Hay (barn #9)
002-071-0007 Anderson Hay (barn #11)
002-071-0008 Anderson Hay (fumigation)
002-079-0001 Keller Supply
002-080-0001 CrossFit
002-081-0001 Kittcom
002-082-0001 DSHS-JRA
002-082-0002 DSHS-JRA classroom bldg
002-082-0003 DSHS-Jra storage
002-083-0001 Rubber Bows
002-086-0001 Genteel Adult Home
002-087-0001 Armstrongs
002-089-0001 Webb Party Barn
002-096-0001 American Container
002-097-0001 American Container (shop)
002-098-00001 Yakima RV Park
002-099-0002 A & A Auto Wrecking
002-100-0001 Vance lift
002-106-0001 Bloomtime Gardens
002-107-0001 Dons Leather Shop
002-109-0001 Central Nursery- Retail Bldg
002-109-0002 Central Nursery- Shop
002-113-0001 Valley Vet
002-115-0001 Ellensburg Animal Hospital
002-134-0001 Shirts and More
002-136-0001 Wise Automotive
006-012-0001-Ronald Community Baptist Church 2-3-14
007-101-0001 Twin Pines
099-002-0001 Mountain River Lodge
099-002-0002 Mountain River Lodge-Fire Pump Bldg
099-011-0001-Reds Fly Shop-1-29-14
099-012-0001-Canyon River Ranch 1-29-14
Cavarly Baptist Church
MNF Enterprises


001-004-0001-Sunlight Waters-10-8-13
001-007-0001-Red Sky Orchards 5-22-13
001-012-0001-Thorp Mill 4-29-13
001-013-0001-Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall-10-16-13
001-014-0001-Thorp Fuel-AMPM Store-10-16-13
001-014-0002-Thorp Fuel- fuel island and fire pump-10-16-13
001-016-0001-PSE Thorp-10-17-13
002-001-0001-Thrall Dodge Winery 2-21-13
002-003-0001-Elmview 3-27-13
002-005-0001-Ellensburg Golf Club- Pro Shop 4-8-13
002-005-0002-Ellensburg Golf Club- Club House 4-8-13
002-016-0001-Lazy F Ranch-9-25-13
002-018-0001-Operating Engineers- office 8-26-13
002-018-0002-Operating Engineers- shop 8-26-13
002-019-0001-D&C Distributors- processing-9-25-13
002-019-0001-D&C Distributors-office-9-25-13
002-021-0001-WA Dept Fish and Wildlife 1-13-13
002-022-0001-Ellensburg Raquet and Recreation Center 2-4-13
002-023-0001-Orrion Farms- 2-19-13
002-023-0002-Orrion Farms maintenance- 2-19-13
002-024-0001-WSP Detachment office-1-14-13
002-026-0001- Grove Clubhouse Bldg 3
002-026-0002- Grove Bldg 1
002-026-0003- Grove Bldg 2
002-026-0004- Grove Bldg 4
002-026-0005- Grove Bldg 5
002-026-0006- Grove Bldg 6
002-026-0007- Grove Bldg 7
002-026-0008- Grove Bldg 8
002-026-0009- Grove Bldg 9
002-026-0010- Grove Bldg 10
002-026-0011- Grove Bldg 11
002-028-0001-Little Country Preschool 1-24-13
002-029-0001-Harvestco 2-11-13
002-040-0001-confidence test report 2013
002-040-0001-Damman School-main bldg-1-14-13
002-040-0002-Damman School-computer bldg-1-14-13
002-042-0001-Short Track Enterprises 4-1-13
002-043-0001-M2 Industrical-1-14-13
002-044-0001-Precision AG Repair- 2-4-13
002-045-0001-Young at Heart Daycare 2-4-13
002-050-0001-Better Life for Dogs-4-1-13
002-051-0001-Bouncing Ball Day Care 3-25-13
002-053-0001-Midstate Aviation- office 4-3-13
002-053-0001-Western Metals 3-25-13
002-053-0002-Midstate Aviation- shop 4-3-13
002-053-0003-Midstate Aviation- flight training bldg 4-3-13
002-053-0004-Midstate Aviation- storage bldg 4-3-13
002-053-0005-Midstate Aviation- mobile home 4-3-13
002-054-0001-Brothers N Arms 3-12-13
002-055-0001-Messy Mutts 3-12-13
002-056-0001-North Coast Electric 3-04-12
002-057-0001-DNR- Main Office 3-19-13
002-057-0002-DNR- East Annex 3-19-13
002-057-0003-DNR- Mech Shop 3-19-13
002-057-0004-DNR- Long Shed 3-19-13
002-057-0005-DNR- Gas House 3-19-13
002-060-0001-Fastenal 3-4-12
002-065-0001-CWU Flight Training School 4-2-13
002-067-0001-Zirkle Fruit Company- office-shop 4-4-13
002-067-0002-Zirkle Fruit Company- upper storage 4-4-13
002-071-0001-Anderson Hay and Grain- main office 4-4-13
002-071-0002-Anderson Hay and Grain- North office 4-4-13
002-071-0003-Anderson Hay and Grain- OPS bldg 4-4-13
002-071-0004-Anderson Hay and Grain- Press Barn 7 4-4-13
002-071-0005-Anderson Hay and Grain-Press Barn 8 4-4-13
002-071-0006-Anderson Hay and Grain-Pape-FL- 9 4-4-13
002-071-0007-Anderson Hay and Grain-Press Barn 11 4-4-13
002-071-0008-Anderson Hay and Grain-Fume Barn 10 4-4-13
002-072-0001-Bent Oar 3-25-13
002-079-0001-Keller Supply 3-4-13
002-081-0001-KITTCOM 4-16-13
002-082-0001-Dshs-JRA- Parke Creek-main bldg 4-9-13
002-082-0002-Dshs-JRA- Parke Creek-shop bldg 4-9-13
002-082-0003-Dshs-JRA- Parke Creek-classroom bldg 4-9-13
002-083-0001-Rubber Bows Archery 4-9-13
002-084-0001-Cascade Pacific 4-30-13
002-085-0001-Cornerstone Preschool 4-9-13
002-086-0001-Genteel Adult Foster Home 5-29-13
002-087-0001-Armstrong Stove and Spa 4-17-13
002-089-0001-Badger Pocket Party Barn 4-8-13
002-090-0001-Little Bear Childcare 5-22-13
002-093-0001-Knudson Lumber- retail bldg 5-30-13
002-093-0002-Knudson Lumber- storage bldgs 5-30-13
002-093-0003-Knudson Lumber- green barn 5-30-13
002-098-0001-Yakima River RV Park 5-15-13
002-099-0001-A&A Auto Wrecking- office 5-16-13
002-099-0002-A&A Auto Wrecking- shop 5-16-13
002-100-0001-Vance Lift Truck Service- 5-15-13
002-101-0001-Canyon Road Storage-10-7-13
002-103-0001-Calaway Trading Co. East-office- 6-25-13
002-103-0002-Calaway Trading Co. East-processing- 6-25-13
002-103-0003-Calaway Trading Co. East-shop- 6-25-13
002-106-0001-Bloomtime Gardens 5-30-13
002-107-0001-Don's Leather Shop 5-30-13
002-109-0001-Central Nursery- retail bldg 5-28-13
002-109-0002-Central Nursery- shop bldg 5-28-13
002-113-0001-Valley Veterinary Hospital 5-20-13
002-114-0001- I Know I can Preschool 6-13-13
002-115-0001-Ellensburg Animal Hospital 5-29-13
002-117-0001-Wesco International-10-14-13
002-134-0001-Shirts and More 6-10-13
002-135-0001-ACX Pacific-10-2-13
002-136-0001-Wise Automotive 6-10-13
002-138-0001-Calaway Trading Co.- office- 7-9-13
002-138-0002-Calaway Trading Co.- shop- 7-9-13
002-138-0003-Calaway Trading Co.- fumigation- 7-9-13
002-143-0001-Frito-Lay 11-7-13
003-001-0001-Mt High Hamburgers-10-21-13
003-003-0001-Parkside Cafe Lounge-10-21-13
003-013-0001-RV Town-10-21-13
003-014-0001-Easton Saloon-10-21-13
003-015-0001-Silver Ridge Ranch-10-21-13
003-018-0001-Lake Easton Sunrise Resort-office-10-21-13
003-018-0002-Lake Easton Sunrise Resort-cabins-10-21-13
003-018-0003-Lake Easton Sunrise Resort-campgrounds-shop-laundry-10-21-13
003-020-0003-DoubleK-Rec and Shop-10-17-13
003-020-0004-DoubleK- Tabernacle-10-17-13
003-021-0001- Cascade Towing and repair- 10-21-13
003-026-0001-The Knothole Bed and Breakfast 2-20-13
004-006-0001-Auvil Fruit- main office-10-8-13
004-006-0002-Auvil Fruit- shop-10-8-13
004-006-0003-Auvil Fruit- farm room-10-8-13
004-006-0004-Auvil Fruit- warehouse-10-8-13
006-001-0001- Cascade Playtime- 7-1-13
006-002-0001-Last Resort Restaurant-7-1-13
006-003-0001-Last Resort Grocery Store-7-1-13
006-004-0001-Last Resort Motel-7-1-13
006-005-0001-Last Resort Storage and Rentals-7-1-13
006-006-0001-Roslyn Ridge Activity Center-9-26-13
006-007-0001-Old Veneer Mill Storage-9-26-13
006-008-0001-Old Number 3 9-26-13
006-009-0001-Ronald General Store-9-26-13
006-010-0001-John L Scott-9-26-13
006-011-0001-Pineloch Sun Beach- clubhouse-9-26-13
006-011-0002-Pineloch Sun Beach- shop-9-26-13
007-001-0001-Swiftwater Cellars-10-10-13
007-012-0001-Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW-11-21-13
007-023-0001- Sky Meadow Ranch- Clubhouse 6-27-13
007-023-0002- Sky Meadow Ranch- Lodge 6-27-13
007-023-0003- Sky Meadow Ranch- Bunk House 6-27-13
007-023-0004- Sky Meadow Ranch- office 6-27-13
007-023-0005- Sky Meadow Ranch- Shop 6-27-13
007-025-0001-Willis Enterprises- Main mill 9-23-13
007-025-0002-Willis Enterprises- Shop 9-23-13
007-025-0003-Willis Enterprises- fire pump bldg 9-23-13
007-025-0004-Willis Enterprises- Scale House 9-23-13
007-026-0001-Sportland Mini Mart-11-7-13
007-027-0001-Sportland Yamaha-11-7-13
007-027-0002-Sportland Yamaha-Warehouse-11-7-13
007-028-0001-Country Classic Log- 11-18-13
007-030-0001-Coffee Comfort Co. 10-7-13
007-031-0001-Sun Country Golf-Clubhouse-10-7-13
007-031-0002-Sun Country Golf-Barn-Shop-Carts-10-7-13
007-031-0003-Sun Country Golf-Rest rooms- Showers-10-7-13
007-031-0004-Sun Country Golf-RV spaces-10-7-13
007-039-0001-Ensign Ranch-office-9-19-13
007-039-0002-Ensign Ranch-main lodge 9-19-13
007-039-0003-Ensign Ranch-shop-9-19-13
007-039-0004-Ensign Ranch-Bunkhouses1-2-3- 9-19-13
007-039-0005-Ensign Ranch-Family Cabins- 9-19-13
007-039-0006-Ensign Ranch-Summer Cabins- 9-19-13
007-039-0007-Ensign Ranch-Tack Barn- 9-19-13
007-039-0008-Ensign Ranch-Woman Shower- 9-19-13
007-088-0001- Cle Elum Freight 11-18-13
007-090-0001-Liberty Cafe-11-5-13
007-092-0001-Whispering pines RV-shop-11-18-13
007-092-0002-Whispering Pines RV-RVspaces-11-18-13
007-092-0003-Whispering Pines RV-Rec center-11-18-13
007-093-0001-Mountian River Trails-office-11-12-13
007-093-0002-Mountian River Trails-shop-11-12-13
007-097-0001-Jand J Auto Wrecking-shop-11-7-13
007-097-0002-J and J Auto Wrecking- tear down-11-7-13
007-101-0001-Twin Pines Drive Inn 4-15-13
007-102-0001-Flying Horseshoe Ranch- 5-28-13
007-103-0001-Camp Koinonia- Lodge 6-10-13
007-103-0002-Camp Koinonia- Meadows cabins & Yurt 6-10-13
007-103-0003-Camp Koinonia- Heritage - Leadership 6-10-13
007-103-0004-Camp Koinonia- Bath, annex, shop, pool, waldorf 6-10-13
007-107-0001-03 Water Systems- 11-25-13
007-108-0001-Ritter Farms 5-20-13
007-109-0001-Circle 8 Ranch- dance hall 5-20-13
007-109-0002- Circle 8 Ranch- out bldgs 5-20-13
051-001-0001-Summit Inn- 10-31-13
051-001-0002-Summit Inn-Boiler Bldg 10-31-13
051-001-0003-Summit Pancake House 10-31-13
051-001-0004-Summit Pancake House-Lounge 10-31-13
051-002-0001-Red Mt Coffee-10-10-13
051-003-0001-Lee's Summit Grocery-10-10-13
051-003-0003-Bob's Espresso-10-10-13
051-005-0001-Bob's Chevron-10-10-13
051-007-0001-Summit at Snoq- Lift Ops Bldg- 7-10-13
051-009-0001-Summit at Snoq West- Ski school-7-24-13
051-011-0001-Summit at Snoq- West Maint. Shop- 7-10-13
051-012-0001-Summit at Snoq- Kids Corral - 5-23-13
051-012-0002-Summit at Snoq- Upper-Lower Rentals - 5-23-13
051-012-0003-Summit at Snoq- Rodeo Bar-B-Que - 5-23-13
051-012-0004-Summit at Snoq- Central Housing - 5-23-13
051-016-0001-Summit at Snoq- Lower floor lockers- 7-10-13
051-016-0002-Summit at Snoq- Timberhouse Cafe- 7-10-13
051-016-0003-Summit at Snoq- Lower floor Bar- 7-10-13
051-016-0004-Summit at Snoq- Upper floor offices- 7-10-13
051-016-0005-Summit at Snoq- Whiskey Pete's Bar- 7-10-13
051-018-0001-Summit at Snoq- Coyotes- 7-10-13
051-020-0001-Summit at Snoq- Old Milwaukee - 5-23-13
051-021-0001-Summit at Snoq- Silver Fir Outpost- 5-23-13
051-022-0001-Summit at Snoq West- Ski Patrol-7-24-13
051-023-0001-Summit at Snoq- Central Maint. Shop- 5-23-13
051-024-0001-Summit at Snoq- Tubing Center- 5-23-13
051-025-0001-Summit at Snoq- Powder Pigs-7-24-13
051-027-0001-Summit at Snoq-ISS-7-24-13
051-030-0001-Summit at Snoq- URRL- 7-10-13
051-031-0001-Summit at Snoq- Webb Ski School-7-24-13
051-032-0001-Summit at Snoq-Mohane Ski long shed- 7-10-13
051-037-0001-Summit at Snoq-Sign shop- 7-10-13
051-038-0001-Summit at Snoq-Mohane Ski- 7-10-13
051-039-0001-Summit at Snoq-Alpine West-7-24-13
051-040-0001-Summit at Snoq-East Maint. Shop- 5-23-13
051-041-0001-Summit at Snoq-Boeing Ski School- 7-10-13
051-049-0001-Snoqualmie Pass Utility District-office-shop-10-10-13
051-049-0002-Snoqualmie Pass Utility District-shop- billing office-10-10-13
099-002-0001-Mountain River Lodge 5-16-13
099-002-0002-Mountain River Lodge- fire pump bldg 5-16-13
099-012-0001-Canyon River Ranch 1-14-13
099-014-0001-Larson fruit- 6-3-13
Blusterys Burger Drive-in-8-26-13
Cascade Irrigation District- office 7-15-13
Cascade Irrigation District- storage- 7-15-13
Eagle Valley CG- Big Kitchen 8-6-13
Eagle Valley CG- Restrooms-Shop buildings 8-6-13
Eagle Valley CG- Restrooms-Showers 8-6-13
Eagle Valley CG- Youth Bldg 8-6-13
Eagle Valley CG-main office 8-6-13
Edelweiss Condos- 8-22-13
Golden Harvest Restaurant-8-26-13
Spirit of Vantage-8-26-13
Suncadia Lodge- 1st Floor only- 8-13-13
Suncadia Lodge- Parking Levels- 8-13-13
Suncadia Lodge-Residential Floors- 8-13-13
Suncadia Trailhead Condos- 8-29-13
Suncadia-Glade Springs Spa- 8-14-13
Suncadia-Greeters Cottage- 8-14-13
Suncadia-Ice House- 8-14-13
Suncadia-Ice Pavillion- 8-14-13
Suncadia-Kids Center- 8-14-13
Suncadia-Prospector Inn- 8-20-13
Suncadia-Sales Office- 8-14-13
Suncadia-Swim and Fitness- pool- 8-14-13
Suncadia-Trailhead Condos 9-26-13
Suncadia-Tumble Creek-Caretakers Cabin-8-21-13
Suncadia-Tumble Creek-Golf House-Cafe-8-21-13
Suncadia-Tumble Creek-Golf Maint Bldgs-8-21-13
Suncadia-Tumble Creek-Hill House- swim fitness-8-21-13
Suncadia-Tumble Creek-Pool maint bldg-8-21-13
Suncadia-Turf Care- 8-14-13
Thorp School- Brick Building-9-16-13
Thorp School- Bus Barn-9-16-13
Thorp School- High School-9-16-13
Vantage Main Street Station-8-26-13
Vantage Riverstone Resort-8-26-13
WSDOT-Bullfrog- Truck Storage bldg 8-6-13
WSDOT-Bullfrog-Cottage- Conference bldg 8-6-13
WSDOT-Bullfrog-Generator-fire pump bldg 8-6-13
WSDOT-Bullfrog-main office-shop 8-6-13
WSDOT-Bullfrog-Specialty Bldg 8-6-13
WSDOT-Bullfrog-Tin-Salt-Rail Bldg 8-6-13
WSDOT-Easton Operations Bldg 8-6-13
WSDOT-Hyak-Bunkhouse-Engineering offices 8-8-13
WSDOT-Hyak-Duplex-Avalanche Control Bldg 8-8-13
WSDOT-Hyak-Main office-shop 8-8-13