Transfer Stations (Self Haul)

Transfer stations in Kittitas County accept garbage from commercial haulers and self-haulers (people who choose to haul their own garbage).

For commercial garbage pick-up and curbside recycling contact Waste Management, Inc. at 925-9688.


Cle Elum Transfer Station
Cle Elum Transfer Station

Ellensburg Transfer Station
Ellensburg Transfer Station

Kittitas County Solid Waste Programs owns two transfer stations:

Cle Elum Transfer Station

50 - #5 Mine Road, across from the Cle Elum/Roslyn School
Tuesday - Saturday
8:00 am - 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Ellensburg Transfer Station

1001 Industrial Way
Monday - Saturday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fee Schedule (Tipping Fee)

Effective November 1, 2021

Listed fees are subject to applicable taxes. The director or designated employee shall, at the time of payment, round the total service fees and taxes owing up to the nearest whole dollar when any fraction of a dollar owing is $.50 or greater, and round the total service fees and taxes owing down to the nearest whole dollar when any fraction of a dollar owing is less than $.50.

MSW Tipping Fee
$121.63 per ton/$8.00 minimum
Yard Waste
$57.53 per ton/$6.00 minimum
Yard Waste that is contaminated with ordinary MSW (garbage) will be charged the MSW fee listed above.

Construction/Demolition Waste

At Ryegrass Landfill
$9.00 per yard
At Ellensburg Transfer Station
$65.22 per ton/$ 6.00 minimum
At Cle Elum Transfer Station
$81.46 per ton/$6.00 minimum
Appliances with CFC Refrigerants
$15.00 per appliance Plus Weight
(Doors must be removed from Refrigerators and Freezers, and they must be empty)
Liquid Waste
$0.18 per gallon


Passenger Tires w/o Garbage
$225.00 per ton
Passenger Tires with Garbage
$2.00 per tire
Truck Tires
$7.00 per tire
Implement/Tractor Tires
$15.00 per tire
Heavy Equipment Tires
$60.00 per tire
Special Waste (Street Sweepings)
$100.00 per ton


Sale of Compost
$60.00 per ton. Residential vehicles
Sale of Compost
$40.00 per ton. Contractors, farms, nurseries, and landscapers
Sale of Mulch
$30.00 per ton
Compost Socks
$4.00 per ft. 100 ft. minimum.
Additional/Replacement Cards for Charge Customers
$5.00 per card
Insufficient Fund Customers
$20.00 for each cash transaction not paid by the end of the business day.

Fee schedule does not include Refuse or Sales taxes as applicable.

Recyclables may be dropped off at no cost to you, at the approach to each transfer station.