Get Involved

Kittitas County recognizes that a successful Shoreline Master Program update process depends on the early and continuous participation of the public.

The Public Participation Program identifies the specific objectives, interested participants, and process for public participation activities.

Public Participation Program

Timeline for public participation

Ways to Participate

You can get involved and participate in a variety of ways:

Kittitas County hopes to initiate the Periodic Review with a community open house. However, with public gatherings uncertain at this time due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, Kittitas County is preparing for alternate open house ideas, and will utilize a variety of other engagement opportunities, such as a community survey, the Periodic Review website, and public comment periods. Any public comments received during an open house or alternate public engagement will be posted on the Periodic Review webpage.

Check the Meetings | Materials page for details on upcoming events or to download materials from current or past meetings. Members of the public may attend the meetings and address the Committee with their thoughts and ideas. Up to ten minutes will be provided at the beginning of each meeting for public comment. The public is also encouraged to submit written comments.