Process | Timeline


Shoreline Master Program (SMP) updates are done in six phases, as recommended by the Department of Ecology:

  1. Determine the preliminary shoreline jurisdiction, or where the SMP applies, and draft a public participation plan. This phase has been completed.
  2. Inventory, analyze, and identify shoreline function, ecosystem process, public access and shoreline use, and potential protection and restoration areas for the shoreline areas. This phase is not required for the periodic review update of the SMP.
  3. Develop policies and regulations for all types of shoreline designations in the County.
  4. Analyze cumulative impacts, demonstrate no-net-loss of ecological function, and identify ways to restore shoreline ecological functions.
  5. Kittitas County will conduct a local review and approval process to adopt its individual Shoreline Master Program.
  6. Submit updates to the Department of Ecology for approval. All SMPs must be locally approved no later than June 30, 2021.