Civil Service Commission


To establish a merit system of employment for county deputy sheriffs and other employees of the office of County Sheriff, thereby raising the standards and efficiency of such offices and law enforcement in general.

Ensures that employees are recruited through an open, competitive process; are promoted on the basis of merit and are demoted, suspended, removed from office or discharged only for cause.

Powers and Duties of the Commission

To make suitable rules and regulations (RCW 41.14 Civil Service for Sheriff's Office) to implement a civil service system. Such rules and regulations shall provide in detail the manner in which:

  1. To conduct examinations; establish employment eligibility lists; certify names and/or remove names from eligibility lists; make appointments; promote, demote, suspend, and discharge employees; layoff employees; manage the classification system; investigate complaints; handle appeals and conduct hearing; and other issues to promote good personnel administration in the County Sheriff Office.
  2. To give practical tests which shall consist only of subjects which fairly determine the capacity of persons examined to perform duties of the position to which appointment is to be made. Such tests may include tests of physical fitness or manual skill or both.
  3. To make investigations concerning and report upon all matters touching the enforcement and effect of the provisions of RCW 41.14, and the rules and regulations

Commissioner Appointment

The Board of County Commissioners appoints citizens of the county to serve on the Civil Service Commission. Each commissioner serves a six (6) year term without compensation and cannot hold any salaried public office or engage in county employment, other than the commission duties, during their term. Their terms do not run consecutively. Only three (3) commissioners can be of the same political party.

Commission Organization

The commission is composed of five commissioners, and supported by the Chief Examiner, and such other staff as needed to accomplish the provisions of the chapter. Legal counsel is provided by the County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. The commission holds a regular meeting at least once a month, and such additional meetings as needed for the proper discharge of its duties. Three members of the commission constitute a quorum, and so long as a quorum exists, majority vote of members present decide all matters and the transaction of all business by the commission. The minutes of each meeting are prepared by the commission's Chief Examiner. The minutes become official public record when approved.

View the current commission on the Boards and Committees page.

Chief Examiner/Secretary

The Chief Examiner keeps the records for the commission, preserves all reports made to the commission, supervises and keeps a record of all examinations held under its direction, and performs such other duties as the commission may prescribe.

Applying for Jobs

Jail Deputy and Line Deputy

Kittitas County utilizes a continuous roster process, meaning we accept scores and applications throughout the year, regardless of whether or not there is a current approved vacancy.

For Entry Level candidates: Kittitas County contracts with Public Safety Testing. Please visit their web site at or more information and to schedule written and physical testing.  You may also reach them by phone at 1-866-HIRE-911.

After you have successfully passed their standardized testing process and we receive your scores, your name is placed on an initial eligibility roster for consideration. We will obtain your Personal History Statement from Public Safety Testing and ask you to complete a Kittitas County employment application.

For Lateral applicants: You may request a lateral application packet by emailing the Chief Civil Service Examiner at Lateral applicants will be scored based on their law enforcement experience, certifications, education, and special assignments, then placed on an eligibility roster for future consideration.

Candidates must possess the following minimum qualifications to be considered a lateral applicant:

  1. 12 consecutive months of full-time, compensated law enforcement (Line Deputy) or corrections (Jail Deputy) experience.
  2. Successfully completed a probationary period from a recognized law enforcement entity.
  3. Successfully completed Basic Law Enforcement Academy Training (Line Deputy) or Basic Corrections Academy Training (Jail Deputy) from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WSCJTC), or from another local, State, or Federal Law Enforcement Training program recognized by the WSCJTC.
  4. Have not been separated from full-time law enforcement (Line Deputy) or corrections (Jail Deputy) employment for a period of time greater than 24 months at the time of application to the Sheriff’s Office.

Law Enforcement Clerk, Control Room Operator, and Security Officer

These positions are posted on our Employment Opportunities page as rosters expire or vacancies become available.

View our current openings.