Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program

Receiving Site Information

Once development rights from sending sites become certified, the sending site is protected from future development, and the TDR Certificates are available to use at receiving sites. Receiving sites are parcels of land located where the existing services and infrastructure can accommodate additional growth. TDR Certificates are required for receiving sites as a condition of final approval for developments that are requesting densities greater than allowed under current zoning. This includes rezones for densities greater than one dwelling unit per 20 acres in areas outside of urban growth areas, Performance Based Cluster Plats (PBCP), Planned Unit Developments (PUD), Master Planned Resorts (MPR), and Limited Areas of More Intense Rural Development (LAMIRD).

Download a copy of the TDR brochureto learn more about how TDR Certificates can benefit development projects.

Basic criteria for receiving sites are outlined below. The TDR Code (KCC 17.13) has the detailed criteria for receiving sites.

The number of TDR Certificates that are required for receiving sites is as follows:

  • In UGAs: one TDR Certificate is required for each two additional units requested.
  • For all other development applications: one TDR Certificate is required for each twenty acres of area in development.

Using Development Rights on a Receiving Site

When you apply to Kittitas County to subdivide land at densities greater than allowed under its current zoning, you will need to provide the County TDR Certificates as a requirement of approving the subdivision. The TDR Certificates are required prior to final approval of the subdivision.