Access Permits

Access permits are required for all approaches onto a county road right of way and any driveway being used for new residential structures. Access permits are good for 6 months and all inspections must be completed prior to the expiration date. Approaches onto a County Right of Way are to be constructed to standards prior to a building permit being issued. All driveway requirements must be completed and approved prior to Occupancy Permit.

Access permits are available on the Kittitas County Public Works Website at Fees and Applications

Activities which require an access permit include the following:

  • New access approaches onto county road right-of-way
  • All driveways accessing new residential structures
  • Culvert Installations or replacement within county road right of way
  • Prior to building permit

Call before you dig.

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG 1-800-424-555 OR 811

Call at least two (2) business days before you dig. It’s the law! According to RCW 19.122 anyone digging deeper than twelve inches must call for locates two business days before they dig. This holds true for private property, city, county, state or federal lands, and railroad right-of-way. In addition to damages and civil penalties, anyone who ignores this law may also be subject to penalties from the Department of Labor and Industries.