Fees for Building Fixtures

2023 Fees

[Bldg] Permit Issuance Fee $150.00
[Bldg] One-time Application / Permit Extension Fee $70.00
[Bldg] Misc - Foundation Only Permits $750.00
[Bldg] Misc - Fences over 7-foot high $510.00
[Bldg] Misc - Woodstove/Fireplace/Free Standing Stove $150.00
[Bldg] Misc - Modular Buildings (per sq. ft.) (Based on 2300 sq ft) $1,170.00
[Bldg] Misc - Manufactured Homes (per sq. ft.) (Based on 1800 sq ft) $730.00
[Bldg] Misc - Demolition $220.00
[Bldg] Misc - Move Structure (per sq. ft.) (Based on 1800 sq ft) $890.00
[Mech/Plum] Furnaces - Forced-air $140.00
[Mech/Plum] Suspended heater, recessed wall heater or floor-mounted unit heater $280.00
[Mech/Plum] Appliance Vents $40.00
[Mech/Plum] Plenum Repairs or Additions $280.00
[Mech/Plum] Boiler $140.00
[Mech/Plum] Air handling unit $140.00
[Mech/Plum] Air Conditioning Unit - or Mini-Split System $140.00
[Mech/Plum] Ventilation fan connected to a single duct (each) $40.00
[Mech/Plum] Ventilation system which is not a portion of any heating or air-conditioning system $70.00
[Mech/Plum] Hood which is served by mechanical exhaust, including the ducts for such hood $210.00
[Mech/Plum] Incinerators - Domestic-type $280.00
[Mech/Plum] Incinerators - Commercial or Industrial-type $430.00
[Mech/Plum] Misc - For each appliance or piece of equipment regulated by the Mechanical Code but not classed in other appliance categories, or for which no other fee is listed in the table $70.00
[Mech/Plum] Misc - Each plumbing fixture on one trap or a set of fixtures on one trap $70.00
[Mech/Plum] Misc - Each Hot Water Heater-Electric $70.00
[Mech/Plum] Misc - Each Hot Water Heater-Gas $140.00
[Mech/Plum] Misc - Orifice change outs (each) $140.00
[Mech/Plum] Misc - Gas Piping System of one to five outlets $140.00
[Mech/Plum] Misc - Additional gas piping system outlet (each) $70.00
Agricultural Building $810.00
Re-roofing $140.00
In ground Pool/Spas & Hot Tub Permit $690.00
Above ground Pool/Spas & Hot Tub Permit $110.00
Residential Solar Panel Building Permit per roof face or rack $280.00
Commercial Solar Panel Building Permit per roof face or rack system $550.00
Residential Wind Turbine $260.00
Commercial Wind Turbine $350.00
Lifting of Stop Work Order $280.00
Lifting of Notice to Title $460.00
For any permit fee which is not listed above fees may be determined by an hourly basis of $140.00 per hour review and inspection, by square foot valuation or by bid amount, determined by Community Development Services.
Fees for printing shall be by fee recovery schedule set by CDS.

Fees for Planning Services

2023 Fee

Pre Application or Pre Submission (Per Meeting) $660.00
Accessory Dwelling Unit $1,570.00
Binding Site Plan $2,072.00
Boundary Line Adjustment $810.00
Comp. Plan Amendment (Text) $3,530.00
Comp. Plan Amendment (Map) $3,850.00
Large Lot $2,100.00
Parcel Combination $600.00
Cluster Plat - 5 or more lots $3,150.00
Cluster Plat - 4 or less lots $2,340.00
Plat Extension $600.00
Short Plat $2,340.00
Preliminary Plat $3,190.00
Final Plat $1,050.00
Final Short Plat $850.00
Short Plat Amendment $2,550.00
Plat Amendment $3,190.00
Public Benefit Rating System Application $2,300.00
Public Facilities $2,320.00
Planned Unit Development $4,680.00
Rezone $3,700.00
*SEPA $600.00
SEPA Optional $600.00
Shoreline Setback Variance $4,000.00
Shoreline Substantial Development $2,380.00
Shoreline Conditional Use $4,000.00
*Shoreline Exemption $600.00
Sign $150.00
Small Wind Energy Bldg. Fee
Transfer of Development Rights $200.00
Wind Farm Siting Dev. Agreement
Zoning Variance $2,000.00
Administrative Conditional Use Permit $2,870.00
Administrative Conditional Use Permit Amendment $2,660.00
Administrative Determination $830.00
Appeal $1,670.00
Conditional Use Permit $3,430.00
Conditional Use Permit Amendment $3,300.00
Development Agreement $880.00
Title Elimination $130.00
Preliminary Site Analysis $160.00
Pre-application Conference Waiver $130.00
Reasonable Use Exception $2,000.00
Public Agency and Utility Exception $2,000.00
Critical Areas Pre-Determination $340.00
Critical Areas Determination $340.00
*Shoreline Exemption and SEPA review fees not required for fish habitat projects developed and implemented through the Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP).

CDS Fees for Building Fixtures and Planning Services