Upper Teanaway Subarea Planning Process


Thank you for your interest in the Upper Teanaway Subarea Planning Process. This process has been discontinued as the term of the revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the Upper Teanaway Subarea Planning Process is set to expire at the end of 2011. Revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the Upper Teanaway Subarea Planning Process .  The meeting materials, map and text information, and public comments developed during this process will continue to be available on the County website.

Goal of the Teanaway Subarea Plan (From Kittitas County Resolution No: 2009-100)

"The goal of the subarea plan is to promote a long-term plan that identifies and protects the important characteristics and identifies future uses for a majority of the study area:

  • In which open space, the natural landscape, and vegetation predominate over the built environment;
  • That fosters traditional rural lifestyles, rural-based economies, and opportunities to both live and work in rural areas;
  • That provides visual landscapes that are traditionally found in rural areas and communities;
  • That are compatible with the use of the land by wildlife and for fish and wildlife habitat; and
  • That reduces the inappropriate conversion of undeveloped land into sprawling, low-density development."

In achieving this goal, the planning process established by the County will consider the full complement of tools available under the Growth Management Act (both rural and urban) to meet the competing needs and interests in the area and the goal noted above, including new or modified rural zones, limited areas of more intensive rural development (LAMIRDS), clustered rural development, overlays addressing opportunities for energy facilities, master planned resorts and fully contained communities.

Public Meetings and Materials

October 28, 2009 Public Meeting and Open House

October 21, 2009 Public Meeting and Open House

October 1, 2009 Public Meeting

September 17, 2009 Public Meeting

September 3, 2009 Public Meeting

August 20, 2009 Public Meeting Open House


  • October 2009
    • Report from the Open House and Public Meetings
    • What is the Subarea Plan?
    • Flowchart of Planning Process
    • Goal of the Upper Teanaway Subarea Plan
    • Calendar of Events
    • What about the Teanaway Solar Reserve?

Maps and Text

This section contains working drafts of maps and text used in Upper Teanaway Subarea Planning Process.

Selected Resource Maps prepared by Sasaki and Associates for the October 21st Open House:

Revised maps

  • Revised maps will be made available as they are created.

Early examples of draft Subarea Plan text were presented at the October 21st Open House. Text is organized by plan element, though element titles, content, and organization may change as the plan evolves.

Public Comments

A variety of written comments have been submitted to the County. All written comments are available for review at the County's Community Development Services counter. Comments that were submitted to the County in PDF format and requested to be posted on this webpage are provided below.