Best Available Science

Best Available Science (BAS) Review (2021)

CARA Remapping Memo Supplement Sept. 2021

Best Available Science (BAS) Review (2020)

Technical Memo - Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas
Technical Memo - Recommendations for Riparian Management Zones

Best Available Science (BAS) Review (2018)

January 2018 SCJ BAS Update Memo
November 2018 SCJ BAS Update Addendum

Best Available Science (BAS) Report (June, 2014)

Based on feedback from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on the preliminary BAS papers and memos (below), a consolidated BAS report was created. The report contains chapters addressing each of the five critical areas. The information in the consolidated report will inform the policy and regulatory recommendations of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). It is possible that through the CAC review process additional, relevant information may come to light and merit revisions to the BAS Report. Revisions, if any, will be addressed in October 2014.

Preliminary BAS Review (May, 2012)

These documents were reviewed by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). TAC feedback was reviewed and incorporated in the Best Available Science (BAS) Report.