Initiative 502 in Kittitas County

Marijuana in Kittitas County

Kittitas County Board of Commissioners in the 2014 Docket Session amended the matrix in Kittitas County Code 17.15 to provide greater limitation on the growth and production of marijuana. Within the adopted ordinance marijuana growth and production are now limited to lands zoned "Light Industrial" and "General Industrial" after an Administrative Conditional Use permit is approved. The production of marijuana will be allowed to occur inside or outside a building and must meet the requirements of the State Liquor Control Board. A decision to deny or approve the administrative conditional use permit can be appealed to the Board of County Commissioners for their final decision.

Previous to the adoption of this ordinance, production of marijuana was allowed upon lands zoned "Commercial Agriculture," Agriculture 20," or "Forest and Range" as long as such lands were greater than 10 acres in size. When lands proposed for growth or production of marijuana is less than 20 acres in size, approval of a conditional use permit was necessary. Production of marijuana in lands zoned "Commercial Agriculture," "Agriculture 20," and "Forest and Range" is no longer allowed.

Final Ordinance and Code Revisions for Signature May 6, 2014

Agenda Staff Report for Enabling Documents on Marijuana
Amendment to KCC 17 Allowing the Growth and Processing of Marijuana
Ordinance for Marijuana (Number to be Determined)

Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing April 7, 2014

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Licenses Applied for In Kittitas County as of 3.11.2014
Planning Commission Minutes 3.11.2014
Proposed Changes to KCC 17 Zoning with Planning Commission Recommendations

Planning Commission Public Hearing February 25, 2014

Initiative 502
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