Lower Kittitas County District Court

Local Rules

The Lower Kittitas County District Court has the following local court rules:

  1. LCrR 4.5, governs a variety of criminal pre-trial proceedings, including stays of proceedings and deferred prosecutions. There are mandatory forms included in LCrR 4.5 for:
    1. Stipulated Pre-Trial Statement of Readiness;
    2. Deferred Prosecution Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order; and
    3. Stipulation for and Order for Stay of Proceedings.
  2. LCrR 7.2(f) governs the requirements for chemical dependency assessments used in criminal cases.
  3. LGR 17(a)(7) governs the filing of facsimile transmissions with the court.
  4. LGR 30 governs electronic filings.
  5. LIR 3.1 governs the preliminary proceedings of contested infraction hearings.
  6. LIR 3.3(b) governs representation by lawyer in contested infraction hearings.
  7. LIR 3.5(f) allows defendants in mitigation and contested infraction cases to submit testimony by written statement instead of appearing personally at a court hearing and includes a form for a "hearing by mail."
  8. LIR 6.6(e) governs requests for SMD experts in traffic infraction cases.