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Flood Studies and Reports

Flooding in Kittitas County, A Synopsis. 1973

1996 Comprehensive Flood Management Plan


Easton Reach Flood Hazard Assessment

Map of Easton Reach Flood Hazard Assessment Area

Since 1996, Flood Hazard Planning efforts have recognized that the Elk Meadows, Elk Meadows Park, Pine Glen, and Sun Island communities are large-scale developments with urban densities that routinely experience Yakima River flooding. The Easton Reach Flood Hazard Assessment was conducted so that we could better understand, communicate about, and plan for these hazards.

Naneum, Wilson, and Cherry Creek Watershed Assessment

Naneum Wilson Cherry Creek Watershed Assessment

The goals of this assessment are to gather information needed to develop a consensus on flood hazard reduction projects, irrigation and infrastructure improvements, and priority salmon recovery actions in the Wilson, Naneum and Cherry Creek watersheds, and to develop criteria, options and a schedule for subsequent projects.

Manastash Creek Corridor Habitat Enhancement and Flood Hazard Reduction Plan