Paint Stripes
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Pavement marking policy

The "unadopted" policy for pavement marking in Kittitas County is the current criteria used in the county for determining if a road gets pavement marking and what type of stripe is required. The policy is to be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for adoption in the near future. This current policy exceeds the requirements set fourth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Pavement marking policy

Pavement Marking

The pavement marking schedule for Kittitas County lists the roads to be striped broken down by Upper and Lower County. The roads are listed and have a starting point location and an ending point location. The stripes are broken down by paint type and color. There are centerline, fog lines, passing lines, bike lines and lines that create turn pockets. The paint meets the WSDOT specifications and is applied at a designated rate.

The annual program is setup for 2 application operations. The first application is made in late spring when air and surface temperatures are conducive to bond paint to existing paint stripes. The second application is made in mid-summer after completion of scheduled road improvements, areas disrupted by construction to be restored, and chip seal resurfaced roadways.