Public Works Development Section is responsible for the review of engineering and survey requirements for land development applications including preliminary and final subdivisions, master plan developments, and addressing. Compliance with applicable federal, state, and local development regulations require the review of design elements for roadways, drainage systems, erosion control, addressing, and plat recording.

The evaluation of preliminary subdivisions includes the review of environmental impact statements, field inspections, coordination with other departments and government jurisdictions, and preparation of engineering recommendations for public hearings. The review of engineering plans includes an evaluation of roadway designs, drainage systems, erosion control, trail plans, variances, and environmental mitigation studies. The final recording of subdivisions and the review of boundary line adjustments include the application and knowledge of survey principles and practices.

The Development Section provides site inspections and approvals for constructed public and private improvements. The primary emphasis is on roads, drainage and erosion control site work. The Section's programs (site inspection, warranty inspections, bond forfeiture, and engineering review of design plan changes) deal with improvements related to the following permit/approval types: subdivisions, commercial property, and clearing and grading of property. This section also transfers privately developed public improvements to the county for ownership and maintenance after final construction approval.