Road and Bridge Plans

This page contains road links to all related road plans, bridge plans, right of way and other similar information.

Road Names

1st St - Thorp
1st St-Ronald
2nd St - Thorp
3rd St- Thorp
Airport Rd Ellensburg
Alford Rd
Alkali Rd
Allegro Way
Anderson Rd
Badger Pocket Rd
Ballard Hill Rd
Bar 14 Rd
Barnes Rd
Bender Rd
Berry Rd
Bettas Rd
Boat Ramp Rd
Bohannon Rd North
Bohannon Rd South
Borland Rd
Boylston Rd
Brick Mill Rd
Brick Rd
Broadview Rd
Brown Rd
Bull Rd
Bullfrog Rd
Busch Rd
Bynum Rd
Cabin Creek Rd
Camas Lane
Camion Rd
Camp Ilahee Rd
Canyon Rd
Carek Rd
Caribou Rd
Carroll Rd
Casassa Rd
Cedar Cove Rd
Chester St
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad
Christensen Rd
Cleman Rd
Clerf Rd
Cohoe Rd
Colockum Rd
Cooke Canyon Rd
Cougar Gulch Rd
Cove Rd
Danko Rd
Denmark Rd
Dodge Rd
Doris Rd
Dry Creek Rd
Dudley Rd
Durr Rd
Easton Ridge Rd
Elk Heights Rd
Evergreen Way
Ferguson Rd North
Ferguson Rd South
Fields Rd
Fieldstone Ct
First Av-Grasslands
Fourth Parallel Rd
Gage Rd
Gail Road
Game Farm Rd
Gilbert Rd
Gladmar Rd
Goodwin Rd
Grindrod Rd
Hamilton Rd
Hanson Rd
Harold Rd
Hawthorn Ln
Hayes Rd
Hayward Rd
Helena St
Hemingston Rd
Hidden Valley Rd
Holiday Av
Horlick Rd
Horvatt Rd
Howard Rd
Hundley Rd
Hungry Junction Rd
Hunter Rd
Huntzinger Rd
Indermuhle Rd
Kachess Lake Rd
Kachess River Rd
Kamiakin Rd
Katen Rd
Kaynor Rd
Kiley Rd
Killmore Rd
Kittitas Hwy
Klocke Rd
Kyllo Rd
Lambert Rd
Larsen Rd
Lawrence Rd
Lester Rd
Ley Rd
Liberty Rd
Locust St
Look Rd
Lower Green Canyon Rd
Lyons Rd
Main St - Thorp
Main St- Vantage
Main St-Kittitas
Manastash Rd
Manitoba St
Markovich Rd
Matthews Rd
McCullough Rd
McManamy Cutoff Rd
McManamy Rd
Meadow View Dr
Mellergaard Rd
Moe Rd
Mohar Rd
Morrison Rd
Mount Daniels Dr
Mount Stuart Dr
N.F. Teanaway Rd
Naneum Rd
Nelson Dairy Rd
Nelson Siding Rd
Nicolai Rd
No. 245 Rd
No. 5 Mine Rd
No. 6 Rd
No. 81 Rd
No. 9 Mine Rd
Oak St
Old Highway Ten
Orchard Rd
P.S.H. No. 2 (Blewett Pass)
Parke Creek Rd
Patrick Mine Rd
Payne Rd
Pays Rd
Pfenning Rd
Pioneer Rd
Prater Rd
Pumping Plant Rd
Rader Rd
Railroad St
Range View Rd
Recreation Dr
Red Bridge Rd
Reecer Creek Rd
Ridgeview Ln
Ringer Loop Rd
Riverbottom Rd
Robbins Rd
Robinson Canyon Rd
Ross Rd
Salmon La Sac Rd
Sanders Rd
Schnebly Rd
Seattle St
Smith Drive
Smithson Rd
Snodgrass Rd
Sones Rd
Sorenson Rd
South Cle Elum Way
Sparks Rd
SR 10
State Hwy 2-CLe Elum
State Hwy 2-E
State Hwy 2-I (US 97)
Stevens Rd
Storie Ln
Table Mountain Dr
Talmadge Rd
Taneum Rd East
Taneum Rd West
Taylor Rd
Teanaway Rd
Third Av-Grasslands
Thomas Rd
Thorp Cemetery Rd
Thorp Depot Rd
Thorp Highway North
Thorp Highway South
Thorp Prairie Rd
Thrall Rd
Tipton Rd
Tjossem Rd
Tolman Rd
Tozer Rd
Tyler Rd
Umptanum Rd
University Way
Upper Badger Pocket Rd
Upper Green Canyon Rd
Upper Peoh Point Rd
Valley View Dr
Vanderbilt Rd
Vantage Hwy
Vantage Park Rd
Venture Rd
Via Kachess Rd
Village Dr
W.F. Teanaway Rd
Washington Ave
Watson Cut-Off Rd
Watson Rd
Watt Canyon Rd
Weaver Rd
West Willis Rd
Westside Rd
Wheeler Rd
White Rd
Willett Rd
Williams Creek Rd
Willow St
Willowdale Rd
Wilson Creek Rd
Winston Rd
Woodhouse Loop Rd
Yellowstone Rd
Zrebiec Rd