Rural Addressing


Prior to 1992, there were an estimated 6,300* rural residences and businesses in Kittitas County. Addresses were established by route and box numbers and the physical location of a residency or business was not referenced. In October 1992 Kittitas County began developing the current Rural Addressing Program which established a permanent road name and number address.

The Rural Addressing Program was initiated in part by Washington State Referendum Bill Number 42, which mandates that enhanced 911 (E-911) be in place by December 31 1998. E-911 or Enhanced 911 is a North American telecommunications based system. The E-911 system automatically associates a physical address with the calling party’s telephone number, routing the call to the most appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for that address. When 911 is dialed the system automatically displays the address and information to the call taker immediately upon call arrival. This provides emergency responders with the location of the emergency without the person calling for help having to provide it.

Obtaining an Address

To obtain a physical address, applicants must submit an access and/or address application to the Kittitas County Public Works Department along with any associated fees. Addresses are established based on the following criteria:

  • Access location onto the named roadway in meters from the roadways beginning milepost
  • Number of lots being accessed from the same access point
  • Odd or Even number based on the side of the roadway the parcel is located. If the Roadway changes direction, the addresses continue to follow the numbering pattern based on the start of the roadway.

Once an application has been submitted, Kittitas County Public Works has two weeks from the date received to process and return the permit or to contact the applicant for further information.

New approaches onto a county right of way are to be constructed and approved prior to the issuance of a building permit.

 * Number based on 1990 U.S. Census Summary Tape File 1A