Tax Title Properties

This list is made up of properties the County has acquired through the foreclosure process.

TAX TITLE PROPERTY - Updated 01.25.2021

The procedure to purchase tax title property RCW 36.35.120

The interested party obtains an Application for Resale of Tax Title Property from the Treasurer's Office.

The interested party returns the completed Application and a $75.00 deposit to cover advertising costs to the Treasurer's Office.

The Treasurer's Office receipts the $75.00 deposit and submits the Application to the County Commissioners for a decision on whether it is in best interests of the County to sell the property.

If the decision is to sell

The Commissioners will determine if they can dispose of the tax title property without bids according to the terms of RCW 36.35.150.

The County legislative authority may dispose of tax-foreclosed property by private negotiation, without a call for bids, for not less than the principal amount of the unpaid taxes in any one of the following cases:

  • The sale is to any governmental agency and for public agency and for public purposes.
  • When the county legislative authority determines that it is not practical to build on the property due to physical characteristics of the property or legal restrictions on construction activities on the property.
  • When the property has an assessed value of less than five hundred dollars and the property is sold to an adjoining landowner.
  • When no acceptable bids were received at the attempted public auctions of the property, if sale is made within six months from the date of the attempted public auction.

If the tax title property can be disposed of without a call for bids, the County Commissioners dispose of the property by private negotiation and the Treasurer refunds the applicant's $75.00 deposit.

If the tax title property cannot be disposed of without a call for bids:

The County Commissioners enter an order on the record fixing the unit or units in which the property shall be sold and the minimum price for each of the units, and whether the sale will be for cash or whether a contract will be offered, and reserving from sale such resources as it may determine and from which units such reservations shall apply, and directing the Treasurer to sell such property. The order shall be subject to the approval of the Treasurer if several lots or tracts of land are combined in one unit.

The Board of County Commissioners publishes once a week for three consecutive weeks a notice of the sale of such property in a newspaper of general circulation in Kittitas County. The notice shall describe the property to be sold, the unit or units, the reservations, and the minimum price fixed in the order, together with the time and place and terms of the sale, in the same manner as foreclosure sales.

On the day of the sale:

If it was the decision of the County Commissioners to offer a contract, the person bidding will be required to state whether he or she will pay cash for the amount of his or her bid or accept a real estate contract of purchase.

The person making highest bid becomes the purchaser of the property.

If the applicant is the successful bidder, their $75.00 deposit is applied towards the purchase amount of the property.

If the applicant is present at the sale, but not the successful bidder, the Treasurer's office will refund their $75.00 deposit.

The successful bidder pays the total purchase price, plus the Auditor's recording fee. (Or if purchase is by a real estate contract, pays 30% of total purchase price, plus any applicable Auditor's recording fees, and signs all appropriate documents).

The Treasurer prepares and records the Treasurer's Deed in the Auditor's office. (Or if purchase is by a real estate contract, records the real estate contract document).

Subsequent to the sale date, the property taxes for the current year are pro-rated and supplemented to the tax roll, and the purchaser receives a tax statement.

If the decision is to not sell

The Treasurer contacts the applicant regarding the County Commissioners' decision, and refunds their $75.00 deposit.