Kittitas County Investments

It is the policy of the Kittitas County Treasurer’s Office to invest public funds in a manner which will provide maximum security, while meeting daily cash flow demands, conforming to all state and local statues governing the investment of public funds, and providing a market rate of return through budgetary and economic cycles. Should provisions of any state or local statues change from those contained herein; such provisions shall be considered incorporated into policy.

Investment Policy and Operations

Pool Participants

Fund managers at each special district provide written authorization for the Kittitas County Treasurer to invest monies not required for immediate expenditure. The Treasurer then places these monies in legally authorized investments for the benefit of the specific special district.

The Kittitas County Treasurer’s Office invests funds for:

  • Over 30 Kittitas County Funds
  • 6 School Districts
  • 7 Fire Districts
  • 4 Water Districts
  • 4 Weed Districts
  • 1 Irrigation District
  • 1 Public Utility District
  • 1 Cemetery District
  • 1 Television District