The responsibilities of the County Treasurer are as follows:

Receipting of Funds
Collection of Taxes
Disbursement of Funds
Investment of Funds
Bond Sales
County Surplus

In Kittitas County the Treasurer's office handles the monies for the following:

  • Seven School Districts
  • Eight Fire Districts
  • Five Water Districts
  • One Sewer District
  • Two Hospital Districts
  • One Cemetery District
  • One Irrigation District
  • Sixty-Three County Funds
  • One P.U.D. District
  • One Flood Control Zone
  • Eight Weed Districts
  • Five Cities
  • Forty State Funds
  • One Soil Conservation District

Kittitas County has approximately 37,715 Real Property, 3,023 Cascade Irrigation, 1,652 Personal Property, and 1,780 State-Assessed parcels. Additionally, in 2017, the Treasurer’s Office mailed out 161 Utility Local Improvement District statements, 3,927 Television Improvement District #1 statements, and 4 Noxious Weed Liens letters.

The duties of the County Treasurer are many and varied, each requiring the efficient and reliable handling of public funds. With responsibilities extending beyond the scope of county operations, the County Treasurer plays a key fiduciary role in the operation of the local government.