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Public Health Assessment

Public Health Assessment is considered to be a foundational cornerstone of public health practice. The Assessment Program at the Kittitas County Public Health Department collects internal and external data to determine the impact of public health programs and ensure the Kittitas County Public Health Department and the community are doing the right things and doing things right. Assessment staff is responsible for:

  • Collecting, tracking, analyzing, and disseminating a broad range of health data about Kittitas County.
  • Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating internal data on health department program performance, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Community Health Assessment and Improvement Planning

We complete a comprehensive community health assessment in collaboration with local public health system partners and community members every five years. This assessment leads to the development of a community health improvement plan.

A community health assessment engages community members and local public health system partners to collect and analyze health-related data and information from a variety of sources. The findings of the community health assessment inform community decision-making, the prioritization of health problems, and the development and implementation of a community health improvement plan.

A community health improvement plan is action-oriented and outlines the community health priorities (based on the community health assessment and community input). The plan also includes how the priority issues will be addressed to improve the health of the community.

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Other Health Assessment Projects

Air Quality

In 2014, the Washington State Department of Ecology funded the Kittitas County Public Health Department (KCPHD) to conduct a county wide survey to assess attitudes and beliefs around the issue of air quality in Kittitas County as well as to estimate the impact of community burning behaviors on fine particulate matter pollution. The findings were used to inform future outreach and education campaigns related to improving air quality and increasing the incidence of clean burning practices in Kittitas County.

Youth Health Data

"In Your Classroom" fact sheets contain health information about students in the sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth grades in Kittitas County. These sheets are distributed to Kittitas County schools each fall.

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