Solid Waste


Environmental Health Specialist
(509) 962-7515

Solid waste facilities are permitted and inspected to ensure proper handling of waste to prevent potential pollution, vector problems, and public nuisances.

If you have a complaint or concern about the improper disposal of solid waste, animal wastes, or illegal dumping, please contact our office at 509-962-7515 so that we can investigate it.

Solid Waste Facility Application

Chemical and Physical Hazards

If you are in an area where you feel threatened by a chemical or physical substance, you may call us for information, assistance, and referral services that address issues such as noise pollution, indoor air quality, radon gas emissions, nuisance complaints, and landlord/tenant problems.

Before spraying any pesticides, you may want to check our state monitored list of persons with chemical sensitivities who may live in your area. Contact us for more information on this service.

We partner with law enforcement and certified cleanup contractors to review, arrange, and ensure a through cleanup of methamphetamine drug labs and/or houses where methamphetamines have been cooked. We are responsible for a final inspection of these facilities before any person can live in or use the facility again.

Decontamination of Illegal Drug Manufacturing or Storage Sites

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