Kittitas County Board of Health

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Board of Health Meeting Agendas


Board of Health Members

Laura Osiadacz, County Commissioner

Laura Osiadacz — County Commissioner
Kittitas County Courthouse, 205 W 5th ST, Ellensburg WA 98926

Dede Utley, Director of Emergency Service

Dede Utley — Chief Nursing Officer
Kittitas Valley Healthcare, 603 S. Chestnut St., Ellensburg, WA 98926

Brett Wachsmith, Vice Chair, County Commissioner

Brett Wachsmith — Vice Chair, County Commissioner
Kittitas County Courthouse, 205 W 5th ST, Ellensburg WA 98926

Cory Wright, Chair, County Commissioner

Cory Wright — Chair, County Commissioner
Kittitas County Courthouse, 205 W 5th ST, Ellensburg WA 98926

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Meeting Location and Schedule

Board meetings are held on the third Thursday every month at 10:00 AM (unless otherwise stated) in the:

Commissioners' Auditorium
Lower County Courthouse
205 W. 5th Avenue
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Meeting Dates

03/21/2024 - Rescheduled to March/26/2024 @ 1PM
04/18/2024 - Rescheduled to April/15/2024
11/21/2024 - Rescheduled to November/26/2024 @ 1PM

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Kittitas County Public Health Department
Board of Health
507 N. Nanum Street, Suite 102
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone: 509-962-7515
Fax: 509-962-7581

Top of pageLegal Authority for Public Health and Boards of Health

  • Local health jurisdictions (LHJ) in Washington State are governed by both local and state regulations. The hierarchy of rule making authority is as follows:
  • The Washington State Legislature has the primary legislative authority for public health, developing the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). Usually RCWs provide general intent, assigning detail to a department of state government or another governmental body.
  • A department (Health, Agriculture, Ecology) of state government is granted authority by the Legislature through the RCW to develop administrative rules or chapters of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).
  • The Washington State Constitution established the Washington State Board of Health (SBOH) with authority to develop Washington Administrative Code. The SBOH has developed the majority of rules for the authority and legislative RCWs governing the operations of public health programs.
  • A local board of health is granted authority by the Legislature through the RCWs to develop local rules and regulations. The local Boards of Health function separately from the SBOH and will often supplement SBOH rules to address local problems. Local board of health rules cannot be less stringent that SBOH rules.
  • A local board of health is also granted authority by the Legislature through the RCWs to develop fees to carry out local and SBOH rules.
  • A city is granted authority by the Legislature through the RCWs to develop local ordinances. Cities often have local ordinances governing garbage handling, keeping of livestock, development of wells within the city limits and noise control, which they may request the local health jurisdiction to enforce.

The specific RCWs that provide legal authority for the State and Local Boards of Health are listed in the table below.

RCW State Board of Health Stipulates
43.20 State Board of Health Membership, authority and responsibilities
43.20.050 Powers and duties of State Board of Health Authority to develop rules for prevention and control of infectious disease, drinking water, environmental conditions including food service, schools, camps and spas
RCW Local Board of Health Stipulates
70.05.060(3)   Authority for local board of health to adopt rules.
70.05.060(5)   Authority for local board of health to declare emergency
70.05.060(7)   Authority of local board of health to establish fees

Top of pageLegislative Authority for Local Health Jurisdictions

The Washington Public Health infrastructure reflects the concept of "a governmental presence" at the local level: which is responsible for the health of the community. This concept is based on a multi-faceted, multi-level governmental responsibility for assuring that the public health needs of the community are met. It is a responsibility that often involves other agencies in addition to the public health agency at any particular level. The legislative authority for local health jurisdictions is summarized in the following table.

RCW WAC Title Purpose
    Local Health Jurisdiction  
70.05.070     Authority of local health officer
      Authority of local health officer to declare an emergency
    Program Specific RCWs and WACs  
43.20.050 246-100 Communicable and Certain other Diseases Establishes a list of reportable conditions as well as timelines and procedures for follow-ups
  246-203 General Sanitation Establishes rules for burial of dead animals, and other sanitation concerns
  246-215 Food Service Establishes inspection frequency and performance standards for food service establishments
  246-272 On-Site Sewage Systems Establishes statewide rules for managing on-site sewage
  246-280 Recreational Shellfish Beaches Establishes standards for evaluating water quality at recreational shellfish harvesting beaches
  246-290 Public Water Supplies Requirements for persons operating small public water systems
  246-291 Group B Public Water Systems Requirements for person operating small public water systems
  246-293 Water System Coordination Act Requires public water systems to establish service areas and coordinate service
  246-366 Primary and Secondary Schools Requirements for environmental conditions in schools and playgrounds
  246-376 Camps Requirements for environmental conditions in camps
173-312 Coordinated Prevention Grant Provides guidance and funding to local health for enforcing solid waste
59.18   Residential Landlord Tenant Act Requires local health jurisdiction to respond to complaints
64.44 246-205 Decontamination of Illegal Drug Sites Requires local health agency to post warnings and supervise clean-up of contaminated properties
70.54.010   Polluting Water Supply Authority to act when well, spring, stream, river or lake used for drinking water source is being polluted
70.54.010   Furnishing Impure Water Authority to act when landlord is furnishing impure water
246-260 Water Recreation Facilities Establishes authority for permitting water recreation facilities
70.94   Washington Clean Air Act Establishes authority for air pollution program and authorities

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