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The Kittitas County Public Health Department (KCPHD) is the local health jurisdiction (LHJ) for Kittitas County.

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Kittitas County Public Health Department Staff

Kittitas County Public Health Department Staff

  • KCPHD has 29 staff.
  • Because we are rural, every staff person here has numerous roles within their job duties.
  • Many of KCPHD staff were born and raised in Kittitas County.
  • Most of our staff have kids in local school districts.
  • All of us care about Kittitas County.

Public Health System Partners

KCPHD works with many amazing public health partners. Some of our partnerships include transportation, law enforcement, healthcare, community associations, employers, schools, and more.

What is public health?

We often find that people are not quite sure about what public health means or what we do in our community.

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health describes public health as professionals working to “prevent disease and injury at the community and population level. We identify the causes of disease and disability, and we implement large-scale solutions.”

KCPHD has been providing public health services since the early 1940s

We became fully incorporated into the county governance structure in 1983.

We are considered a department instead of a district, which means that we are a department that is operated by Kittitas County and governed by the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners versus a district that stands alone. Health departments and health districts both have local boards of health and a health officer.

Old black and white photo from the Kittitas Public Health image archives of a nurse administering an injection to a man

Dr. Mark Larson, Health Officer

Mark Larson, MD - Health Officer

Kittitas County has been fortunate to call Dr. Mark Larson our Health Officer since 2006.

The Heath Officer, per state law, has broad powers and duties in protecting the health of the public. Powers and duties include enforcing local regulations and ordinances, controlling the spread of diseases, and taking such measures as necessary to promote public health.

In 2015, Dr. Larson was the recipient of awards including the Dr. John Anderson Memorial Award for Outstanding Rural Health Practitioner, and the State Family Physician of the Year.

What Makes KCPHD Unique

  • Our Health Officer lives and works in Kittitas County.
  • We have a rural health network, the Kittitas County Health Network, in our county.
  • Our staff includes personnel in assessment and quality improvement.
  • Cross trained staff to ensure continuity of services, especially for a small rural health jurisdiction.
  • Excellent customer service. Our front desk staff has agencies outside of Kittitas County that choose our office, because of their customer service and efficiency.
Kittitas Valley with sunset in the background Photo Credit: Dan Roe