The Auditor's Office Accounting Division is responsible for the financial operations of Kittitas County including budget, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, grants, fixed assets, financial reporting, and internal auditing. We enforce all requirements and regulations as required by the State Auditor, Governmental Accounting Standards Board, Financial Accounting Standards Board; Internal Revenue Service; Social Security Administration; Federal Reserve; Washington State Labor & Industries; Employment Security; Retirement Systems; Support Enforcement; Collection Agencies and Kittitas County Policy & Procedures.

Governing Regulations: RCW 36.33; RCW 36.40; RCW 43.09.230; RCW 36.22; RCW 41.04.020/036; RCW 2.08.100/110; Internal Revenue Codes; Department of Labor & Industries regulations; Department of Retirement regulations; Federal Wage and Hour laws; All Budgeting Accounting and Reporting regulations, State and Federal.

Accounting Staff

  • Brian Carlson, Budget & Finance Director
  • Andrew Yoder, Fiscal Analyst
  • Zack DeHaven, Fiscal Analyst
  • Lisa Bugni, Fiscal Technician II
  • Sue Patterson, Fiscal Technician I
  • Melissa Taylor, Fiscal Analyst
  • Dora Van Epps, Fiscal Analyst

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