The Auditor's Office Finance Division is responsible for the financial operations of Kittitas County. The office works across county government with stakeholders to ensure all applicable laws, regulations and policies are followed and supports the overall financial success of the organization.


The Auditors Office manages the county budget process each year with support of the individual department heads, elected officials and approval of the Board of County Commissioners. For Budget Questions contact: Brian Carlson at


The Auditor's Office maintains the County's central accounting system and provides accounting, financial reporting, and accounts payable services to the County's various departments. We currently process Accounts Payable vouchers weekly. Departments are to submit vouchers to the Auditor's office by noon on Monday and are processed the following Monday.

Jurors are paid at the end of the month once the jury lists are submitted to the County Auditor from the Courts. The current rate is $15.00 per day plus $65.5 cents per mile effective January 1, 2023. For Accounting questions contact

Financial Reporting

The Annual Financial Report is prepared annually by the end of May of the following year. This is then sent to the state auditor for the annual audit of Kittitas County. It is required by law and is public information. For Financial reporting questions contact Bryan Elliott at


The Payroll section is responsible for the production of the county payroll, processing the related transactions and reports, and generation of the county employee's paycheck. For Payroll Questions contact Andrew Yoder at at


The Auditor’s Office supports county grant compliance and administration. For Grant Questions contact Dora Van Epps at

Finance Staff

  • Brian Carlson, Budget & Finance Director
  • Zack DeHaven, Assistant Finance Director
  • Andrew Yoder, Accountant II
  • Dora Van Epps, Accountant II
  • Melissa Taylor, Accountant II
  • Lisa Bugni, Accountant I
  • Sue Patterson, Accounting Assistant II

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District Financial Report

District Report

Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property RCW 36.22.060
The Auditor shall maintain a record of when a warrant is issued. The record shall include the warrant number, date, name of payee, amount, nature of claims, or services provided. (A warrant is a demand draft drawn on a government's treasury to pay its bills, which is a check)

Every November 1, the county must remit all outstanding warrants for the previous two years to the Department of Revenue, Unclaimed Property. Until this time of remittance, the payees on the attached list are still outstanding with Kittitas County and can be claimed from the County.

Outstanding items for previous years have been remitted to the Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue is the custodian for unclaimed property, and it administers an unclaimed property program to seek the rightful owners.

Washington State Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property