Current Election

Ballots must be returned to a ballot drop box or post marked no later than 8PM on Election Day in order to be counted.

Current Election Results

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Ballot Measure Cover Sheet

Ballot Measures & Resolutions

Election TypeBallots MailedElection Date / Ballots DueElection Request deadline*Resolutions
Special election
2024 February Special Election
Sample ballot
Ballots due by 8:00 PM
12/15/2023 Resolution 23-11-1
Special election
Presidential Primary
Sample ballot
Ballots due by 8:00 PM
Special election
April Special Election
Sample ballot
Ballots due by 8:00 PM
02/23/2024 CityRoslynResolution
KITTCOM Resolution
Primary election
Ballots due by 8:00 PM
05/03/2024 Hospital 2 Resolution
General election
General Election
Ballots due by 8:00 PM

Tips to Ensure your Ballot is Counted

  • Make sure you have signed the Voter Declaration. If unable to sign your name, make your mark and have it witnessed by two individuals
  • If your signature has changed, contact our office to update your signature.
  • Mail your ballot early to be certain that it is postmarked no later than election day (know your post office pick-up times)
  • Mark your ballot as instructed.

Ballot Returned Statistics (insert statistics from VoteWa)

29676 ballots were issued for the April Special election. Ballots returned as of Wednesday 4/24/2024 4:41:46 PM:

DateDaily Ballots ReceivedCumulative TotalPercentage Returned
04/08/2024141414144.76 %
04/09/202457819926.71 %
04/10/202470827009.10 %
04/11/2024976367612.39 %
04/12/2024781445715.02 %
04/15/2024751520817.55 %
04/16/2024221542918.29 %
04/17/2024336576519.43 %
04/18/2024570633521.35 %
04/19/2024474680922.94 %
04/22/2024794760325.62 %
04/23/2024644824727.79 %
04/24/20241130937731.60 %

Accessible voting in Kittitas County

  • Vote Centers provide voters the opportunity to vote privately and independently using accessible equipment (TouchWriter). Accessible voting units are easy to use, and Elections staff is available to assist voters.
  • The TouchWriter is operational 18 days prior to each Election, and is in the basement of the Kittitas County Courthouse, in the Election Room. It is available Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm, and on Election Day, 9:00am – 8:00pm