Felony Victim/Witness Advocate
Kim Sandall - 509-962-7059

District and Juvenile Courts Victim Advocate
Lisa Larrabee - 509-962-7014

Criminal Division-Victim/Witness Assistance Unit

The Kittitas County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office recognizes that the effects of crime can be profound, and recovering from crime can take time, and we believe that victims and witnesses deserve to be treated with dignity, respect. The criminal justice process is often unfamiliar and sometimes confusing.

The mission of the Victim/Witness Unit is to respond to the needs of crime victims in an empowering and proactive way and facilitate informed participation in the criminal justice system, making sure that the statutory rights of victims are understood and observed.

Services Provided by the Victim Advocate

  1. Inform victims of their rights, and legal processes.
  2. Notify victims of hearing dates and changes to those dates.
  3. Familiarize victims and witnesses with courtrooms prior to testifying.
  4. Provide a safe location to wait prior to testifying or attending hearings.
  5. Notify victim of final outcome of a case.
  6. Act as liaison between the deputy prosecutor handling the case and the victim or witness.
  7. Contact employers to explain or verify involvement in a case.
  8. Assist victim, if requested, in compiling a Victim Impact Statements (VIS) for sentencing.
  9. Assist victims with completing Crime Victim Compensation (CVC) applications, and other restitution paperwork.
  10. Accompany victims or witnesses to interviews, hearings, trials, and sentencing.
  11. Assist victims with return of property.
  12. Refer to additional community resources when needed.
  13. Assist in basic safety planning with victims.
  14. Provide assistance to child victims throughout criminal investigation and criminal trials.
  15. Assist with travel/transportation arrangements to and from Court for testifying.
  16. Determines restitution in criminal cases.