Job application FAQs

I forgot my password. Can you send it to me?
Absolutely. Use the "Forgot your password" form and we'll email your password to you. (You might need to check your junk email folder.)
I forgot my username. Can you send it to me?
Your username is your email address. If you don't remember email address you provided when you registered with the county's site, you will need to register again. Unfortunately, if you have to re-register, any data you saved under your old registration will not be available to you.
What if I don't have internet access?
Public computers are available at most public libraries or WorkSource Offices in Washington State. The Human Resources Office also has computers available. For an appointment please call 962-7082.
What items do I need in order to apply?
You will be asked to provide personal information such as name, address, phone number, etc. You will also be asked to provide information about your education and previous employment, as well as contact information regarding your employment history. You may be asked to upload additional information. Please read the job posting to know what each position requires.
Can I submit a paper application?
No, we only accept applications that have been submitted through our online portal.
How do I create a PDF file?
Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. Kittitas County’s online job application portal only accepts PDF format to ensure we can safely open the file, and view it as it was intended. Many programs will save a document in PDF format. Try to save the file and select PDF as the file format. If that is not an option, there are free online services and applications you can download that convert files to PDF. Try entering "convert to PDF for free" into your search engine (such as Google). NOTE: You assume the risk of computer use when applying for employment with Kittitas County. Kittitas County assumes no liability for any type of personal or property injury including but not limited to interruptions of service or any damage that may occur to your personal computer or other hardware, software or other devices, or to your email, data files or other downloaded applications, due to any service or application you decide to use.
Will my information be secure?
We make every possible effort to ensure the safety of your information. Please read our privacy notice as some information may be subject to Public Disclosure.
Can I edit my application?
Yes you can, until the position closes. Select the position you wish to edit and the click on the "Edit your application" link.
Do I have to complete the application all at once?
Not if you don't want to. At the bottom of each section you will have the option to "Continue and save" or "Save for later". If you chose to save for later you will be able to come back and complete your application at anytime prior to the position close date.
Will the system time out?
As a security measure, your session will time out if your browser is inactive (no clicking or typing) for longer than 20 minutes. If that happens, you'll get an error message that your session timed out. But don't worry, anything you saved will still be there when you log in again.
Can I spell check?
The supplemental exam section does not allow for spell check at this time. You can, however, type in a word processing program and copy and paste the text into the field.
What does each status mean?
Complete Your application is submitted and certified; it is complete. means you have completed the application process and will be forwarded to the hiring manager for review.
Incomplete Your application is not submitted and certified; therefore it is not complete. means you have started the application process but are missing some requirements.