Civil Service Commission

Testing and employment sequence for Kittitas County's Sheriff's office

You must pass each phase in this process to continue in the process.

Certification to sheriff for employment consideration

When a vacancy is to be filled, the top five names roster are given to the hiring authority. For each additional vacancy, one additional name is forwarded.

Personal history statement

Personal History Statement is completed through Public Safety Testing for entry-level candidates, or available through the Chief Examiner for lateral candidates. This is used as part of the interview and background process.

Interview with Sheriff's Office

The hiring authority interviews the candidates. If selected for the next phase, conditional offers will be given to candidates. Otherwise, the names will be returned to the employment eligibility register to wait for next vacancy, or removed for cause.

Personal history check/Background

After the interview, criminal, credit, and reference checks are initiated by detectives in the Sheriff's Office. Once a conditional offer has been given, the polygraph and psychological exam may be scheduled.


Scheduled about two weeks after the interview.

Psychological examination

Scheduled only upon successful completion of the polygraph.

Appointment by the hiring authority

You start a probation period on the day you report to work. The probation period is normally 12 months in duration, subject to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.