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Kittitas County Commissioners - Seeking Volunteers

Kittitas County, WA - 08/01/2019 - Kittitas County is seeking volunteers for the following Boards, Committee's and Commissions. The below listed Boards, Committee's and Commissions currently have vacancies or will have members with terms ending at the end of 2019.

• Airport Advisory Committee
• Behavioral Health and Recovery Advisory Board
• Board of Equalization
• Board of Health
• Conference of Governments
• Developmental Disabilities Advisory Committee
• Disability Board (L.E.O.F.F. Board)
• Fair Board
• Homelessness & Affordable Housing Committee
• Horticulture Pest & Disease Board
• Law & Justice Council
• Library Advisory Board
• Open Space Advisory Committee
• Planning Commission
• Public Lands Advisory Committee
• Road Variance Committee
• Solid Waste Advisory Committee
• Veterans Advisory Board
• Water Conservancy Board

Kittitas County strives to build a productive working relationship between citizens and County departments. Your input gives the County valuable information and expertise that might not otherwise be available. It helps citizens learn more about the County and enhances the sense of community that makes Kittitas County a special place. Citizens who serve on these boards, committees and commissions help to enhance diversity and ensure quality services to meet the needs of our growing County. We invite you to join the citizens who comprise these groups as they represent the voice of the community.

Please note that some of the terms will not begin until the current term expires which is typically in December. Some vacancies are District Representative specific and/or Agency Representative, and that priority will be given to current members should they choose to seek reappointment.

If you are interested in filling a vacancy on one of our boards, committees or commissions please stop by the Commissioners office to view vacancy's or check out our website at
You may also choose one of the following ways to pick up an application by going to the Kittitas County Courthouse, Commissioners' Office -  Room 108, or download the form at or email your request to the

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Mandy Buchholz, Deputy Clerk of the Board II