The mission of the Kittitas County Misdemeanant Department is to provide Kittitas County courts with adult misdemeanant and gross misdemeanant probation services that promote public safety, ensure offender accountability, reduce recidivism and enhance offender competency.


Kittitas County Misdemeanant Department is committed to ensuring community safety and well being, offender accountability that builds competency and involves victims. These values will be carried out through development of research driven, cost effective practices that have measurable outcomes.


Misdemeanant Department provides pre- and post-trial supervision of criminal offenders at varying levels of supervision. These include records check only, monitoring, supervision and intensive supervision. The Misdemeanant Staff members track criminal history and payment of legal financial obligations of offenders. Personnel maintain regular contact with law enforcement and corrections agencies; provide Judges with caseload and criminal trend data; track, record and report offender behavior and conduct interventions that enhance offender skills, reduce recidivism and lead offenders to a better quality of life and a non-predatory relationship with their community.


  • Misdemeanant Probation Association
  • National Drug Court Association
  • Kittitas County Law and Justice Council