Mission, Vision & Values

It is the mission of the Juvenile Court Services to develop and influence people, policies, and programs that positively impact the community and make a difference in the lives of the youth and families we serve.

Juvenile Court Services values keeping kids in the community where they are better served. We value equity, inclusivity, and justice. It is our vision to significantly reduce the use of secure confinement, and to near eliminate the use of detention for probation violations, by developing strong and effective alternatives that support youth and families, promote behavior change, provide accountability, and keep our community safe.

As a team, we commit to collaboration, communication, growth, follow-through, initiative, integrity, leadership, professionalism, safety, and security.


Juvenile Court Services programs address both offending and at risk youth.

  • Diversion
  • Community Restitution
  • Intensive Supervision
  • Urinalysis Testing
  • Community Restitution Coordination
  • Restorative Justice Development
  • i-ACT Individualized & Alternative Choice Training
  • EET (Education + Employment + Training)
  • Special Sex Offender Disposition Alternative Program
  • Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Disposition Alternative Program
  • Suspended Disposition Alternative Program
  • BECCA Bill:
    • At Risk Youth
    • Truancy
    • Children in Need of Service Petitions
  • Probation Services:
    • Juvenile Services


Juvenile Court Services affiliates with governmental, professional and non-profit organizations that share its mission and values and add strength to the fulfillment of its mission

  • Juvenile Court Workers Association of Washington
  • Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators
  • Washington Association of Juvenile Diversion Units
  • Kittitas County Law and Justice Council
  • Judicial Information System
  • Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration