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Bowers Field Runway 7/25 Closure

Kittitas County, WA - 08/08/2017 - Kittitas County is taking action temporarily closing Bowers Field runway 7/25. This closure is being conducted in response to deteriorated asphalt paving that is creating a hazard to airman.

The County has sought repair options for the past year without success.  The Federal Aviation Administration is working with the County developing a plan to lengthen runway 11/29 in anticipation of the eventual closure of 7/25.  Runway 11/29 is a concrete runway in good repair and serves better than 90 percent of all cross-wind traffic at the airport.  It is the primary runway for Bowers Field.  Runway 7/25 is the remaining runway that served the airport during World War II.  At this time, the County does not have a date removing the temporary closure. 

Please contact Kittitas County Public Works at (509) 962-7523 with any questions.

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Contact: Kittitas County Public Works (509) 962-7523