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Boating Safety

Kittitas County, WA - 03/22/2018 - Our goal is, "no drowning's in Kittitas County"

Spring is almost here and it’s time to get ready for the paddling season! Sign up for a paddle safety class now, or a boating safety class and earn your boater education card! For some, carrying a card is required by law.

Every year we lose someone to the water. Though there is no single solution to these tragedy's, there are some steps we can take to reduce or mitigate the risks.

Contact the Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol, they can tell you about specific hazards and can make craft recommendations.
Research the waters where you intend to recreate and wear a coast guard approved flotation device.
Understand and accept the limitations of yourself and your equipment. 
Do not attempt to navigate swift hazardous rivers in a craft designed for floating on still waters.

The Columbia River moves slow, but is subject to high winds and waves.
The Yakima River varies in speed and depth and has ever-changing log jams. 
Lake Cle Elum, Ketchelus and Kachess are deep, cold and subject to high winds and waves.

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Contact: Clayton Myers - Undersheriff