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Progress being made on selecting a site for the new Ellensburg Transfer Station

Kittitas County, WA - 12/15/2017 - Progress being made on selecting a site for the new Ellensburg Transfer Station

After hearing from the public, Kittitas County has conducted additional technical work and further researched the Federal Airport Administration rules and the Airport Master Plan. As a result, the County has removed the airport site from the three sites being considered. Still under consideration are the Tjossem site and the Cement Plant site (Siting Status). The County is also further evaluating other sites that were considered but not brought forward during earlier evaluation steps.
Kittitas County is doing a step-by-step process to find the best site for a new Ellensburg Transfer Station. The County is working with a team of consultants and has been consulting with the community throughout the siting process to ensure that the public’s feedback is incorporated into the decision and a location is chosen that best meets technical and community criteria.
A new solid waste transfer station, compost facility, household hazardous waste facility, and recycling depot is needed to replace the Ellensburg Transfer Station. The current station and composting operations are often limited due to flooding. It is also too small for the number of customers using it which often results in long customer wait lines and potential safety issues. There is also no capacity to accept any new material types.
The County has hosted two community meetings so far, in June and September, to hear from the community about their values and potential sites. It also has a dedicated website providing information, describing the siting process, and encouraging community input into the siting process. For more information, the community is encouraged to visit
As the Ellensburg Transfer Station siting process continues, the County will also continue to inform and involve the community in the process.

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