Public Notice
Kittitas County, Ellensburg, WA

Notice of request for proposal: Kittitas County Department of Public Works Survey Drone Procurement.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS:  Kittitas County Department of Public Works Survey Drone Procurement

ADVERTISEMENT:    September 29, October 6, and October 13, 2022  

All submittals received after Friday, October 21, 2022, will be discarded


Kittitas County Department of Public Works desires procuring either a lidar enabled or survey aerial drone.  The procurement will minimally meet the requirements as specified in EXHIBIT 1 to this solicitation.

The selected vendor shall deliver the drone to Public Works no later than November 25, 2022.


Please direct all questions to Kittitas County Department of Public Works (509-962-7523). 

Please complete the enclosed offer form (EXHIBIT 2) and deliver to the Department of Public Works, 411 North Ruby Suite 1, Ellensburg, WA  98926 by 5:00 PM local time October 21, 2022.  Submit a sealed envelope to Justin Turnbull, County Surveyor, at 411 N. Ruby St. Suite 1, Ellensburg WA 98926.  Submittals shall include three copies of your proposal utilizing the provided form(s) found in EXHIBIT 2 of this solicitation.    

For your records, the County will provide a confirmation email to the contacts provided in the submittal confirming receipt of your interest in the proposal. Submittals received after will be disregarded.

The County reserves the right to reject one or more submittals.


Kittitas County selection will be based on the most responsive bid meeting minimum performance specifications as attached to this solicitation in EXHIBIT 1.

Kittitas County, in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000d to 2000d-4) and the Regulations, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises and airport concession disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded full and fair opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award.

Persons with disabilities may request this information be prepared and supplied in alternate forms by calling collect (509-962-7523).

Kittitas County reserves the right to accept or reject one or more proposals or any items or part thereof or to waive any information or irregularities in the proposals.  Kittitas County shall have the sole discretion to determine the most responsible proposal.


Direct all inquiries regarding this request for services to Justin Turnbull, County Surveyor at (509) 962-7523, or via e-mail:

More information is online at

For more information, contact Public Works

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Daily Record: 09/29/2022; 10/06/2022; 10/13/2022
Daily Journal of Commerce: 09/29/2022; 10/06/2022; 10/13/2022

Posted: 9/29/2022, Closes: 10/21/2022