Kittitas County Boards and Committees

TV Improvement District Board

Five members
Authority: RCW 36.95


Position Name Agency Term Expiration Term Length
1. Vacant 12/31/2023 3 Years
2. Samuel D. Garrett 12/31/2023 3 Years
3. Randall Beckstead 12/31/2024 3 Years
4. Susan Bangs 12/31/2024 3 Years
5. Joel Underhill (Chairman) 12/31/2024 3 Years

Betty Douglas, Clerk 509-899-2471

The purpose of a television reception improvement district shall be to serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity in the construction, maintenance, and operation of television and FM radio translator stations, including appropriate electric or electronic devices for increasing television program distribution, but are not meant to include the construction or operation of television cable systems. Members must be Kittitas County residents and meetings are held once a month.

Short-term Loan of Funds Interlocal Cooperative Agreement (expired).