Kittitas County Boards and Committees

Open Space Advisory Committee

Five members
Authority: RCW 84.34.145


Position Name Agency Term Expiration Term Length
1. (Vacant) 12/31/2010 1 year
2. (Vacant) 12/31/2013 1 year
3. (Vacant) 12/31/2009 1 year
4. (Vacant) 12/31/2010 1 year
5. (Vacant) 12/31/2006 1 year

Mike Hougardy, Assessor, 962-7501, Contact Person

The county legislative authority shall appoint a five-member advisory committee representing the active farming community to advise the assessor in implementing assessment guidelines as established by the department for farm and agricultural land unless the county legislative authority finds insufficient interest by the farming community in the formation of the committee. The advisory committee shall not give advice regarding the valuation or assessment of specific parcels of land. However, it may supply the assessor with advice on typical crops, land quality, and net cash rental assessments to assist in determining appropriate values. The Open Space board meets as deemed necessary by the Assessor.